Krabby Fatties

Mr. Krabs (A.K.A, Cheapskate Krabs) thought of the unexpected idea of changing Krabby Patties to Krabby Fatties!
Though on the other hand, Plankton has the most evil idea he has ever had to get the Secret Formula.

Will Plankton get the Formula and rule the world? Read to find out!


1. How it all started

One morning, under the calm seas of Bikini Bottom, was a Sponge, a Squid, a Starfish and many other "kinds" of sea creatures, sleeping. But for now, we are going to say that the Sponge is the main character in this story. Let me tell you a little bit about this so called sponge. 

This "sponge" is called Spongebob. He is a very kind, caring enthusiastic Sponge. You would see these sponge VERY rarely. At Spongebob's work, the "Krusty Krab" Spongebob is a very loyal cook. Since he has worked there for a very long time, he has gained all of the "Employee of the Month" awards, rewarded by Eugene Krabs. Unlike Squidward, the other Employee, is very laid back and just reads art books in front of the cashier. 

Anyways, that morning, Spongebob woke up to the sound of his alarm. "Gary! I'm going to cook some more Krabby Patties! Remember, another day, another pay!" screamed Spongebob.

"Meow" Gary meowed then slid away.

Spongebob got ready straightaway, rushed to the bathroom and thoroughly washed his hands.

"Cleanliness is next to mannerliness" Spongebob repeated every morning.

When Spongebob reached the Krusty Krab, it was only 5:00am. Spongebob does come early everyday, to take care of the Krabby Patties. When Mr. Krabs and Squidward come, the shop opens to the public.

Everyday is the same day at the Krusty Krab, though there are some unusual days when Plankton tries to steal the secret formula.

But this day was a strange one. Mr. Krabs had the slightest urge to change the Krabby Patties to "Krabby Fatties"

Mr. Krabs scuttled over to the kitchen to tell Spongebob.

"Spongebob me boy, I need to tell you something" Mr. Krabs said.

"Spongebob put down his spatula and listened to Mr. Krabs.

"I decided to change the Original Krabby Patty to the New "Krabby Fatty" Mr. Krabs sighed.

Spongebob eyes grew like a ballon being blown. "Why so suddenly?" Spongebob asked.

"Well, it just came to me that we need something "new" and also so Plankton can stop looking for the Formula!" Mr. Krabs said.

"How do I make it?" asked Spongebob.

"We need more fat in it, remember Krabby Fatties!" Mr. Krabs said, then scuttled back to his office.

Spongebob got back to work. "At least the still have "Krabby" in them!" Spongebob laughed.

As usual Plankton was overhearing Krabs conversation. "I will get the formula today Karen!" Plankton told Karen.

"You said that for the last couple of years" muttered Karen.

Minding his own business, Plankton walked out of the Chum Bucket. He walked towards the Krusty Krab, very confident.

He sneaked towards Mr Krabs office, hoping he would get through. Plankton slowly pushed the creaky door open and scuttled towards the Krabby Patty Formula Safe. Mr. Krabs was in the Kitchen, checking if everything is all right.

Plankton opened the latch, but as he opened it, it made the slightest creak................



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