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2. Jayde and Louis


 Heading to the mall today! Need to pick out something good to wear on my fifth date with my best friend, Louis Tomlinson.. I am so nervous! What if something goes wrong?! What if he leaves me?! I shake my head to rid all of the what if thoughts going through my head and walk into the mall. I go into many stores with out finding a thing until I reach Forever 21 and find the cutest dress! Its a light pink lace dress with the same color under it and a little brown belt. I also pick out some brown sandals to complete my look. I start to head home when I get a text from Lou. 

Hey babe, I will be picking you up around 8! - Louis xx

Can't wait! - Jayde xx

 I smile and set my phone down to drive home and start to get ready. As soon as I get there I walk inside and plug my speakers into my phone and put it on shuffle, of course the first song that comes on happens to be a One Direction song.. No biggy. I jog upstairs and start my shower and undress. Then I get into the shower and let the nice, warm water hit me for a little bit, it felt so good. I start to think of what all  could happen tonight, I really hope it turns out good, I don't even know what I will do if it doesn't... Shhh! Stop it! I'll be fine! I mentally slap myself and continue my shower. Once I am done I hop out and start to dry myself off, then I lay out everything I am going to wear tonight, I have to make sure everything is perfect. After I get everything ready I go back into my bathroom and turn on my curling iron so it will be hot after I blow dry my hair. When I finish blow drying I curl my hair into pretty waves. Then I do my make up, Louis doesn't like it when I wear a lot of make up so I keep it to where it looks pretty natural. Just some powder, mascara, and lip gloss. I look at my phone and it is 6:30. Wow time flew by fast! I put on my under garments and my dress. Then I pick out some ear rings, a couple of bracelets, and a necklace to wear that will go good with my dress. I hear a honk outside. He's here!! I quickly put on my shoes and grab my bag, putting my phone in it. Then there is a knock on the door, I open it and standing before me is my very handsome man. I smile and give him a kiss.

Louis: You look beautiful babe.

Jayde: Thanks, you look pretty good yourself. 

I wink at him.

Louis: Haha, are you ready to go my lady?

I nod and he takes my hand leading me to his car, he opens the passenger door for my, I smile and get in. Once he goes to the other side and gets in he starts the car and takes my hand again. I rub the back of his hand with my thumb, he does the same.

Jayde: Sooooooo, where are we going??

Louis: Can't tell you.

Jayde: And why is that? 

Louis: It is a surprise my love!

Jayde: Fineeeee

He laughs at me and kisses my hand.

Finally the car comes to a stop and we are in the middle of a field. 

Jayde: Ummm... Louis?

He doesn't answer. Just gets out of the car and goes to the trunk. He gets out a picnic basket and a blanket. I smile and get out of the car and walk over to him and take his open hand. He leads me a little bit away from the car to a spot that has candles all around it. He opens the blanket in the middle of them and sets the basket on top then sits down, puling me with him. I giggle and give him a big hug. 

Jayde: This is wonderful already.

Louis: Glad you like it love.

Jayde: I don't like it.

He looks at me with a hurt expression on his face.

Jaybe: Babe..... I love it.

A flash of relief coves his face then he pretends to be hurt.

Louis: Well, that was not very nice!

Jayde: Haha! I'm so sorry my Lou Bear!!

I give him a kiss and he opens up his basket. There are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, two cokes, and some fruit.

Jayde: My favorites!!

Louis: Haha, i thought you would say that.

I kiss him on the cheek and we start to eat and talk. Once we are done he lays down and I lay down next to him.

Jayde: You know... this is our fifth date?

Louis: Yupp, I think it's the best one yet.

Jayde: Me too.

I look up at the stars.

Jayde: Wow! It is so beautiful!

Louis: Yes, you are.

I blush and look at him, we both start to lean in, finally the space between us closes and we kiss. He licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. Which is gladly excepted. Our tongues dance, not really fighting for dominance but Louis has control. He rolls over on top of me, supporting himself with one arm on the ground and one by my head, I run my hand through his hair while using the other one to mess with the hem of his shirt. He pulls away.

Louis: Are you sure? I don't want you to feel like you are being rushed..

Jayde: I'm sure Lou.

With that he takes off his shirt, revealing his very toned body, I bite my lip.

Louis: Someone likes..

He winks at me and I blush. I flip us over and straddle him, then I take off my dress, leaving me in my matching black laced bra and underwear.

Louis: You turn me on so much!

I giggle and start to make out with him again while moving my hips around, earning soft moans from him. then I start to feel his boner start to form and run against my core, I could feel myself getting very wet. He flips us over to where he is on top and undoes his pants, through his boxers I can see how hard he is. 

Louis: You do this to me.

I blush and bring him down to kiss me. He leaves kisses down my neck leaving a couple of love bites and reaches my boobs. He lifts up my back and unclasps my bra, it falls off and he leaves little kisses on my nipples while continuing down. He kisses my stomach and kisses me through my underwear. He takes the side and pulls them down, he smirks seeing how wet he made me. Then he starts to lick my clit, sending shivers through my whole body. He works his tongue around, earning plenty of moans from me and stick a finger in. It feels so good, him touching me but I just want him inside me already.

Jayde: Louis?

He looks up at me.

Jayde: Please, just get inside me already.

He smirks.

Louis: Someones quite eager.

He gets up and kisses me then takes off his boxers, his erection hitting his stomach. He puts on a condom then bends down and kisses me while slowly going inside me, it hurted for a bit because I wasn't used to his size, but when he was all the way in and started going in and out made it start to feel really good. I moan.

Louis: Gosh, your so tight babe.

I moan.

Jayde: Go faster Lou.

Louis: Yes mam'.

He picks up the pace which drives me crazy, we both start moaning while he uses one of his hands to rub my clit.

Jayde: Louis, i'm gonna cum!

Louis: Wait just a bit longer baby.

I moan loud while he hits my g-spot perfectly and a amazing pace. I feel him start to get sloppy, then his warm liquids shoot into the condom which sends me over the edge and then I cum, both of us left pleasured. He kisses me then pulls out and cuddles me into his chest.

Louis: That was..

Jayde: Amazing.

We laugh.

Louis: Stay the night with me please.

Jayde: Okay

I smile and give him a kiss, then we get dressed and clean everything up and head back to his place. Once we get there he leads me inside and up to his room, he hands me one of his shirt and I put it on to sleep in.

Louis: You look so good in my shirts!

I giggle and crawl into his bed, he takes off his shirt and shorts and joins me, he lays down and cuddles me into his chest.

Louis: I had a great time with you tonight.

Jayde: Me too, it was perfect.

Louis: I love you.

I smile wide since this was the first time he has said this to me.

Jayde: I love you too

I give him a kiss then we fall asleep with me in his arms.


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