Hey guys! DP here! I'm here to tell you a story about...SOMEONE COPYING MY COSTUME!!!!!!! I swear, it isn't as boring as it sounds like. Want me to prove it? I'M the proof! Wanna know why? *puts on Batman/Wolverine voice* Because I'm Deadpool,bub!


1. The New Guy((Intro))

Deadpool hummed,reading the magazines about the superheroes. "These guys are hilarious,"he laughed to himself. "They just do everything for people who don't even PAY them! They should..." He kept on ranting and ranting about how he's better than anyone else...again. He laughed,making fun of Wolverine, Captain America, even GHOST RIDER! He drew on them,making faces and cutting pictures out to throw darts at out of boredom. But one picture caught his eye.

"A new crime-fighting web slinger...,"he read. He's never seen this guy before. His suit was red and a bit blue,with a spiderweb design. It seemed cool,but the fact that he had copied Deadpool's signature "white eyes" on the mask. "What's his name?,"he asked,turning the page. He read that someone named Gwen Stacy found a message that said "from your friendly neighborhood,Spider-Man" Deadpool smirked at this and suited up. He wanted to get to know this guy. After all,more heroes means more money!!!

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