the tumblr girl.

chandler is a famous tumblr girl. what happens when harry styles watches a few of her videos and falls in love with her. will they meet or will their fans come inbetween their love?


1. photoshoot🌸🌸


hello my name is ali fort. i have blonde hair with blue ends, i live in california.

i awoke to the sound of my alarms buzzing in my ear. "urgg" i mumbled still half asleep. i was under my covers,moving all the hair out my face and trying to find the 'shut up' button.

when my phone started to go off it scared the living shit out of me. i jumped up and soon found myself on my hard wooden floor. 'why didnt i put carpet' i think to myself as i stand up and rub my arse.

i pick up my phone, to see my 'agent' calling.

( a= agent ali=me)

a:where the fuck are you?

ali:good morning to you too.

a=hurry your lazy ass up!

ali=damn your comanding.

a=bye. and she hung up.

no wonder she has no husband and she is so depressed and living with 11 cats. (A/N: theres a woman on my street with 11 cats)

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