2:36 || h.s

2 A.M is not for the lovers asleep in each other's arms.
It's for the lonely, the ones who are in love with the loved
But are not loved in return.


3. #2

[ 3rd Person's Point Of View ]

She walked on the leaves that decorated the cemented pavement, crunching each leaf with every step in her almost dilapidated white converses. She glanced down, staring at her outfit. A white tank top , a grey unzipped sweater and her black leggings. She huffed when the building finally became in eyes length,St-Peters High School. Where the only thing that matters is Social Status, Big Boobs, Big Ass and Money. Where all knowledge is shamed upon and bullying become tolerated. 

On the other side of town,he sat in a sleek jet black Porsche Panamera. His chocolate curls styled in a quiff, he wore a half buttoned flannel that exposed his 2 bird tattoos as a silver cross necklace clung to his sun-kissed skin. On top of the Maroon and black checkered flannel was an unbuttoned red,white and black checkered flannel. He wore his tight black skinny jeans and a pair of black ankle length boots. Both the sleeves of the flannel were rolled up exposing his black and gold rolex watches.

[ Alaska Whites ]

Head down? Check.

Earphones in? Check.

Cuts Hidden? Double Check.

I sighed as i stood outside the Walter Gilbert designed gates almost similar to the ones that they had at Buckingham palace. 

1..2.. 3! and with that i pushed passed the gates of St-Peter High. Without hesitation quickly speed walking to my locker. With my head down i wouldn't have noticed that Agnes was there and so was Beatrice Josephine, Beatrice or Be a like her friends call her. I only have one friend and its Agnes so Beatrice being here is a surprise because she is what you can call the Queen Bee of the hive. Most girls are jealous of her breathtaking curves and most guys want her large ass. So that type of attention went to her head and well she became who she is today. An unadulterated bitch.

My eyebrows knotted together as i glanced between Agnes and Beatrice. Agnes shrugged looking as confused as me. " Look your probably wondering why is THE Beatrice Josephine at YOUR locker well its simple. Your little brother  told me that he wouldn't go out with me unless i made amends with you. " She said pointing at me with her french manicured fingers. My jaw hung open slightly so did Agnes's. My little brother Roy Whites rejected Beatrice? I couldn't help smiling. Even though my parents are unstable, abusive and heartless at least i know that Roy still cares. We might be soulless humans with demons eating out our emotions but even us smile from time to time.

I opened my mouth ready to spill all the insults i possibly can to her but was cut of by my brother appearing next to Beatrice. " So? Did you guys make amends? " he asked his naturally husky voice engulfing our ears. Beatrice leaned closer her hand rubbing against my brothers skin. " We totally did babe! " she squealed a fake smile glued on her lips as she clutched his forearm. " Thats great. " he said smiling exposing his full set of teeth as he snaked his arms around her waist " Thanks Alaska it means a lot. " he said enveloping me in a hug. I stared at him and huffed, i can't tell him that we never even made amends when he is looking at you like that. I nodded as i hugged him back.

The bell rang " Hey babe lemme me walk you to class yeah? " he said smiling at Bea. She nodded " Let me just thank your sister k boo? " she said a fake smile glued on her ruby tinted lips, he nodded and leaned against the locker talking to Agnes who couldn't hide the blush that were creeping up her cheeks like she does every time she seems my brother. She hugged me tightly and whispered " Welcome to hell dear. " She said her voice laced with evil. She glanced at me and smirked grabbing my brothers hand and walked to class

Sorry everyone. 

Shit update and Early too. did not know what the hell to write. Btw I was wondering if any one wanted to co-author if not I could do it alone. 

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