2:36 || h.s

2 A.M is not for the lovers asleep in each other's arms.
It's for the lonely, the ones who are in love with the loved
But are not loved in return.


2. #1

 [ 3rd Person's Point of View ]

She sits at the corner of the room her blade slicing her tan skinned as the blood trickles down it whispering sweet words to herself as  rocks herself back and forth. Her eyes gaze at her light blue clock the red light blinking 2:36 A.M, She sighs and pushes herself up from the cold tiles of the bathroom and hunches over the sink turning the knob gently releasing the waterfall of cold water erasing any bloody evidence of her self harm. Meanwhile a young boy shares the same fate as the demon filled girl. He tugs at his curly hair as he glances at the naked beauty that lays in his bedroom another night filled with nothing but meaningless sex, He's supposed to be popular supposed to have the perfect life? This is what they call the perfect life? He thought to himself. 

Honestly it was far from it, He wasn't perfect, he didn't understand what all these girls fawned over he was just another lifeless soul being dogged by his own demons, what was attractive about that? He sighed and rested his head back unto the pillow and fluttered his eyes shut.

 [ Alaska Whites ]

My eyes fluttered open at the sound of a ear shattering scream. I sighed as i walked down the stairs to see my father beating the life out of my mother. " Good Morning " i muttered under my breath as i walked towards my father, his head snapped around " Oh Alaska, Good Morning " he said nonchalantly. I nodded as i walked to the kitchen and began preparing coffee.

So your probably asking Why in the fuck names did i not go help my mum? Simple. In this family you either ignore whats happening in front of you or let worst happen to you, I love my mum i do but she is no better than me if i were in that situation. I walked out of the kitchen to see that my father had stop beating my mother and it was my turn at a horrible faith.

In this house everyone gets a punishment. My mother gets beatings and me and my brother get sexually abused. Its seems to have become a routine for us because by the time my father had walked up to me my mother was now sitting on the couch where a first aid kid laid and was cleaning her injuries like nothing had happened. My family was mentally, physically and emotionally unstable. The things that were supposed to be terrifying, awful or even disgusted was normal for us. Things like Happiness or Fun was not in our vocabularies. 

My father grabbed me by the wrist and led me to the kitchen where he threw me on the counter. " Strip, you should know this by now Alaska. " he sighed. I nodded as i slipped of my shirt and boxers and was left in my black bra and underwear. He smirked as he hovered over me one hand clutching my hip and the other caressing my cheeks. He gently pressed his lips against mine when the door bell rung. He groaned " But back your clothes and we will continue this after dinner today " he snapped turning around and going to answer the door. I slowly put my shirt and boxers back on. I walked to the coffee machine and poured myself a glass. I glanced at the clock 6:30, i huffed and began sipping on the coffee. I walked out of the kitchen to see my best friend Agnes sitting on the couch. " What your not ready!? " She yelled abruptly standing up from the couch. I opened my mouth about to say something but was cut of by my brother walking down the stairs only a towel swung around his wet torso. 

If he wasn't my brother and maybe if i wasn't a depressed freak i might have a crush on him, but since i could not have been blessed with that faith ill still with the one i have now. " Whats with all the ruckus? " he sighed walking down the stairs, His morning voice engulfing the walls of our living room. I turned to see Agnes bitting her lips staring at my brothers abs a blush tinting her cheeks.

I shaked my head as i walked up the stairs " Fine ill be down in 30 minutes. " i muttered reaching the top of the stairs.

[ Harry Styles]

I woke up to a door being swung open and a girl screaming. I rubbed my eyes gently as i glanced at the scene. Louis standing at my door way looking not even nearly surprised as the brunette that was clutching onto the comforter trying to hide any bit of skin. I sighed " Louis what do you want? " i said my voice husky and raw. " Get your ass up and into the shower, Thats what i want. " he said his voice laced with sass as his hand rested on his hip " Oh and hi Charlotte. " he added earning a smile from Charlotte. I rolled my eyes and lifted myself of my bed the comforter slipping exposing my private. After Louis left Charlotte smirked and straddled me her fingers tracing the tattoos that covered my skin. " I had fun yesterday " she smiled, i nodded. " Lets do it again sometime " she whispered sedeuctively in my ear biting my earlobe. " Sure " i whispered my thumb caressing her cheek as my hand gripped her waist. She pecked me on the lips before she wore her clothes and left. 

I rolled my eyes as i stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom.

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