Obscuro Carmen

Poems, some from authors, some that I made. They will be dark, or serious, or sad, and maybe a few happy ones.


19. Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow,
Why do you cry?
You're just a tree.
Do tell us why!

I may be just a tree,
But I have feelings too.
Please listen to me,
I have a story for you.

A little girl and boy
Used to sit next to me.
Climb my branches,
As high as can be!

A young woman and man sat,
Beneath my shade.
Conversing with each other,
In the silence of the green glade.

Much older and wiser now,
The man bent down on one knee.
The woman shrieked her agreement,
And on her finger went a ring.

Then bearing children,
They watched them play on me.
And when they saw them talking,
They smiled sadly.

Two frail bodies,
Now sits among my roots.
The holds her hand,
No more disputes.

See these rocks beneath me?
Look closer and you'll see,
The inscription of the people,
Who forever lie asleep.

You ask me why I weep,
So here's your answer now,
I've witnessed something amazing,
I witnessed a human's vow.

I watched to people grow,
To love each other.
Saw them spend their life,
Doting on the another.

Have you ever felt the sorrow,
Of watching one's life end?
And the suddenly realizing,
our own is around the bend.


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