Obscuro Carmen

Poems, some from authors, some that I made. They will be dark, or serious, or sad, and maybe a few happy ones.


11. The Doctor

There is a man called the Doctor,

Who travels through space and time.

To Earth he is a protector,

A fighter against alien crime.

A legend, the oncoming storm.

The man with many faces,

So mysterious and ready to perform.

A man with many graces.

To his friends, he is funny and good,

but sad and also a ruin.

A man who did what he could,

But there were storms hidden within.

He may have seemed like a god,

But he has his flaws and mistakes.

While many will applaud,

His friends know, with every clap, his hearts break.

To his enemy he is a predator,

A threat they must take down.

Together, they fight their war,

Until there's nothing but a ghost town.

To me, he's the one's who's always been there,

We've had laughs and we have cried.

I've seen every laugh, tear, and glare,

When he left, each time, I died inside.

I've been there longer than any companion.

He's the only friend I need.

I see his hidden moments of passion,

I've seen his darkest of deeds.

Many shout and insist,

"He never was, and will never be!"

I may sound crazy to say this,

But in my mind, he is real to me.

He was there through trouble and hardships,

The one who never left my side.

Maybe in this reality he doesn't exist!

But he's always welcome to the land in my mind.

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