Obscuro Carmen

Poems, some from authors, some that I made. They will be dark, or serious, or sad, and maybe a few happy ones.


12. The Doctor Left Again

Bow ties, suspenders and fezzes,

Sonic screwdrivers and circle glasses.

Sit on cars, wearing Stetsons,

Talking like you're teaching classes.

Your cries,


Doubled with your lies,

Conflict with your youthful glow.

Your childish act and Christmas lists,

Seem real, but we know what they hide.

Inside those eyes consists,

Old age and your deep, dark side.

I'd laugh when you'd straighten your bow tie,

And cried when you dropped it on the ground.

When you left, all I could do was cry,

My heart hurt like a flesh wound.

"I'll always remember when the Doctor was me."

You told us with a tear.

You're not the only one, really,

We'll always remember you, dear.

So don't cry, and wipe your eyes,

You will always be loved.

So funny, childish, and wise,

A combination that will always be beloved.

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