Obscuro Carmen

Poems, some from authors, some that I made. They will be dark, or serious, or sad, and maybe a few happy ones.


9. Stars

I carry the galaxy in my eyes,

But what's in those stars make me cry,

I wonder if he would regret me,

The man who regrets,

Or if he'll forget me,

The man who forgets,

A beat bangs in my head, "One, two, three, four,"

And whispering voices in my head scream and roar,

They taunt me and say "Tick tock, and all too soon, you and I must die,"

But really, the clocks tick till you and I will fly,

But whether or not we fly or die,

Time still continues to pass us by,

The clock still goes and counts "Tick tock"

As I wait for a madman with a box,

Demons run when a good man goes to war,

And that good man goes on forever more,

It seems like it will never stop,

That we'll travel together till we've reached the top,

But everything has to end sometime,

Till you're nothing but a nursery rhyme,

I was once told by a friend,

We're all stories, in the end.


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