Obscuro Carmen

Poems, some from authors, some that I made. They will be dark, or serious, or sad, and maybe a few happy ones.


20. Battlefield

They say it's an honor

To be here on the field.

That we're doing right,

Making them yield.


So you were happy,

To be doing something great.

But now that you're in too deep,

You think, "I need a break."


And now they haunt your dreams.

Every movement,

Every scream.

But your time isn't over yet.


You think, "I have seen the end,

Seen what bullets have taken,

Seen people enter oblivion,

Seen the men that won't awaken."


You go out to fight,

You watch so many people die,

And when you lay down tonight,

You wonder, oh you wonder,


"Why do I still stand here,

On this ravaged battlefield?

I've watched so many innocent lives,

Be taken from both sides.


Why do these bodies lay here?

Why can't everyone just yield?

Why must we fight?

Can't they see that everyone will die?"


And now it's your time,

Your turn to take a shot.

Do these words of rhyme,

Must come to a stop.


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