Obscuro Carmen

Poems, some from authors, some that I made. They will be dark, or serious, or sad, and maybe a few happy ones.


18. A Good Soldier

Emotions cannot control my life,

Shut them out,

Breaking down,

I cannot handle all this strife.


Let it slip right through my hands,

Block them out,

Ignore the shouts,

Leave it behind in the sands.


Close the voices in my head,

Push them away,

No more childplay,

Train myself instead.


Ignore the beckons of my heart,

Out of sight,

Out of mind,

Take a new fresh start.


No time for this foolishness,

Shove away,

I won't be prey,

To this burdening stress.


No family to worry about,

All gone,


No more doubt.


Just keep moving on,

Step forward,

Be ignored,

All love is forever gone.


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