Sequel:Stranded *coming soon to Fanfictions near you*

Introduction on first page.


10. Chapter 8: After You,Dakota PART 1

"What the heck Louis?!" Dakota struggled to get out of my arms.

"You'll understand what I'm doing" I said.


I pressed my hand against the brick wall,then a keyboard came up,I typed the code.


"Louis,this is weird,I'd rather be at merciless manner,oh my gosh,I forgot,I have to get back or I'm going to be in soo much trouble with President Collins!" Dakota whined.


"Sush,when we leave,time freezes here,don't worry" I said.

"This is creepy Louis,I wanna go back!" She cried.


"Shush,Dakota,their going to hear you!" I whispered shouted.

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