Sequel:Stranded *coming soon to Fanfictions near you*

Introduction on first page.


9. Chapter 7:I'll Show U Something

Louis's POV


I stormed off,feeling hurt by what Dakota thought.


Why would i want to ruin this world anymore?

Only someone crazy,that's who.


I walked out of the school.

The air was cool and refreshing.

I stranded there until I could think if something,so I could get Dakota to believe me. I had nothing.

I thought long and hard.


I don't got evidence,maybe I can take her through the portal and show her my mission from Ben.

Yes! That was perfect!

I got up from the bench and ran toward the field were Dakota was sitting in the bright green grass reading a book.

The sun shined on her glossy brunette hair.

The wind blew through her hair,like in the movies.

I couldn't help but stare.

She turned around find me staring at her.

She tossed her hair and walked away.

"Dakota,wait!" I shouted trying to catch up to her,but she started to run.

"Dakota,please just give me a second" I begged.

She looked at me with a serious expression "What Louis?" She sounded annoyed.

"I have to show you something" I said grabbing her hand and lead her to an alley way.

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