Sequel:Stranded *coming soon to Fanfictions near you*

Introduction on first page.


8. Chapter 6:I Know Who U Really R

After history,I walked out for my free period.

While walking down the hallway,I bumped into Louis


"We need to stop doing that" he smiled.


"And we need to talk" I gabbed his arm and went into the janitors closet.

"What's this about?" Louis asked scratching his head.

"I know who you really are!" I shouted

"Woah,calm down" he said

"Did you come here to make the world worse Louis or 'Louie' as your directioners called you whatever the are" I said angrily


"What?! I came here to save the world for your information" he protested.

"Oh yeah,are you really from the past,maybe your just some lunatic from this generation!" I started screaming





He took a deep breath and walked our the door.

My eyes widened with shock "You get back here Louis William Tomlinson!" I yell,I promised not to tell anybody his middle name,but this was an emergency to use it.


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