There's things you can't say

All the boys are concerned about Chloe. Why did she changed? She was always fooling around with them and always had that lovely smile on her lips. But now it all change. She doesn't smile anymore. she's even late. And her arm, what happened? The boys are worried and what the old Chloe back. They team up to find out, but will she open up to them?


1. She changed

Chloe's POV

I cover the bruise. I don't always cover them with my makeup, but I have no choice. This one is on my arm. I can't just walk around like this, people could see it. Anyway, I got dressed and had to go, I was already late. 


I enter the building and took the stairs to the 5th floor. I enter the room and went to the dressing room where five boys were waiting. ''sorry I'm late'' I said opening the door ''Finally she's here!'' Louis half screamed. ''It's not you to be late'' Liam say worried ''I know, I did'nt wake up. Now  get change we don't want to lose more time'' I smile. They all got up from the couch and pick the clothes I select for them. First to show me the outfit was Niall. I indicate him to go on the usual mark. ''Do you like it?'' I always want them to tell me if they like what they wears so they can be comfortable. 'You always have good taste'' he told me. I smiled and look if there was something to fix. I made some note and he went to do his hair. I did the same thing to all the boys.


An hour later It was Harry's turn. ''okay, do you like the outfit?'' I ask ''well, do YOU like it?'' I looked at him ''My opinion don't matter, you're the one wearing it, Harry. You have to be comfortable in it.'' I say writing on my notebook. ''I still want to get your point of view'' He chuckle ''Of course I like it, I choose it.'' I say ''someone's irritable this morning'' He's right I'm not myself. ''Sorry, I just want to waste time. I what to be on time for the photo shoot this afternoon.'' I close my notebook ''Now do something with your hair'' he play hurt and went in the other room.


Finally, I have a little break. I sat on the couch and pulled out my phone. I stare at it I don't know for how long when Liam sat nest to me. ''you okay love?'' I put my phone in my pocket ''yeah'' he didn't look convice but went with it anyway ''We're ready to leave.'' He said ''Good'' I look at my watch, right on time. I got up and Liam followed me. 


Liam's POV

Harry walked in, but Louis wasn't done with his hair. So he wait, I sat next to him. ''She's strange, don't you think?'' Harry looked at me ''Chloe?'' he nodded ''Yeah, she isn't herself lately...'' All the boys at noticed it, she was smiling but her eyes weren't lighting up anymore. ''And now she's getting late.'' he said. She always was the first to arrive. We always teased her about it, asking her if she sleep at job. Something was wrong but she was trying to hide it. ''We have to found out'' he add. I nodded and went to her.


Chloe's POV

We were now on our way to the photo shoot. Thank got their wasn't so many fan outside, it make it easier to leave. ten minutes later we were in the studio. The boys were doing the usual, fooling around while being taking in picture. ''Chloe! How are you?'' my ex manager ask me ''Good, you?'' I smiled hugging him. ''Good. When are you coming back?'' He ask ''Their next photo shoot'' I say pointing the boys. ''I meant when are you coming back for yourself'' he looked at me ''I don't know'' I half smiled and looked back at the boys. Louis told something to the other and they all start mocking mannequin pose. I smiled and Harry looked at me. 


He then went behind the camera. ''Get back there'' I mouth him but he just smiled and kept walking in my direction ''what are you doing? You have to go back.'' I told him when he was in front of me. He took my hand and drag me with him ''Harry no!'' I said loud enough so the boys looked at us and they all went to help Harry. They pick me up and put me in front of the camera with them. ''I'm sorry, they can be worst than kids sometimes'' I apologize to the employees and tried to leave so they could go on with their work but Harry took my arm. ''Ow'' I whimper he had touch the bruise I had on my arm. I freed my arm and he look at me worried. 


We were back in the car and I was really angry at them. ''That was not acceptable. Those people don't have time to loose. What you've done was disrespectful.'' I yelled like a mother would do to her kids after they did something wrong. ''It was just a joke, relax'' Louis said ''I didn't found it funny at all.'' He rolled his eyes ''What is it with your arm'' Harry ask. I froze ''Nothing. And it isn't about me, it's about what you've done.'' we parked. ''What happened to you? Why are you a bitch all of sudden?'' Tears came rushing to my eyes. I got out of the car and to the building. 


Harry's POV

Chloe just left the car, I think I saw tears in her eyes ''Look at what you've done, idiot!'' I yelled at Louis ''She started that, I was just tired of being yelled at.'' The boys were quiet. ''So calling her a bitch was the solution'' I glare at him ''She is a bitch'' I was about to loose my mind when Niall spoke ''Okay, just shut up. Screaming at each others won't solve anything.'' The car was silent. ''Louis was right on something, she changed all of a sudden...'' Zayn said after a while. We all knew it, but we didn't know what to do. She never talked about it. ''Why did you talked about her arm, Harry?'' Liam asked me. ''When I tried to make her stay with us in front of the camera, I touch her arm and it hurt her.'' I say looking at them. ''Okay, we try to find out.'' Liam told us. We all went home to think of a plan.

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