Harry is a man with mental disabilities, outside he looks like a man but in his mind he is ten years old, is a child who likes to do what any child likes to do.


1. I'm Edward! hello!

Chapter 1 : I'm Edward! Hello! - Wendy's about time! I smile as I stood at the window and see the beautiful day. The sun shine like never before and accompanies the sky blue dress. It was only seven o'clock and looked like three in the afternoon. The birds sing cheerful and the roosters to, nature is wonderful. -Second call. I turn around, and go out like a bullet and  throw myself into his arms. - What is taking you so much beautiful? God  i love him so much, sometimes I get nostalgic as it is. That there is my best friend Frank. Quite a hunk of blue eyes and too very handsome to be homosexual, I have nothing against them, they are the sweetest people in the world but the fact that Frank is one of them is so sad . He's so handsome, he's quite sexy. -Calling planet Wendy. I smiled and took his hand, while I drag him up outside my house but before I make a short stop in the kitchen. -Good-bye Mom, I love you. I approach my mother, and then kiss her on the cheek I do aside for Frank to. All this was a bummer. At first my mother was somewhat surly at all, but was not in it, she likes  Frank but with all of the laws and that the problems there, "racism" for everything they were still in it transmits and the concealed but at least not in my presence. -I can't believe this is your first job. - She says in a sad tone and soft  grabs my cheeks. -Luck. - says and leave a kiss on my forehead and there finally let me go. Along the way , Frank and I talked about this work. It was not something for life because I barely seventeen and this was also one of those summer jobs that the president give some just to people that need it . I do not think I need it but my mother insists that in home there is   just her and me. My father is away, he was one of the many  chosen for the war. At first I was sad but later i let it go because my mother told me that it is good, my father is defending our country and i should be very proud because not everyone has that opportunity. - Wendy darling! I leave my thoughts and then I took a fright by my crazy best friend, Zoe. -Wake up silly,  you're still asleep. She  gives me a big hug and gives me one of her big smiles,  one of those that almost does not fit you in the face. God, I love this redhead, I do not know what I'd do without her. -Hello Franky. - Hums and kisses him on the cheek. -Is Frank and Hi. - My friend says and shows a typical  face of "disgust" -It's the same right? - She says and round eyes. -No, it's not the same, look at me ok? Let me teach you is Frank, tell her Wendy, is Frank  not Franky. - says  desperate and move his hands here to there. It is always the same, but well What can i  do without them? I leave all that aside and go my way as they continue their fight behind me. Not take long to reach our destination, there is before us the great Monroe institute , I always wanted to go here but for some strange reason my parents never wanted but look like things are , right? Here I was about to enter. My stomach becomes a  chaos and a silly smile plays on my lips, Why? No idea, maybe nerves most likely. -"And I hope you behave , do you hear me?"  -  Someone goes through me like a bullet and hits me hard in the arm, i looked up and there in the distance I see a woman and a man, they not even apologize. Go manners here. -Wendy Come , we must go to our places. I leave my thoughts and that's when I realize as Zoe literally drags me to an office. There already checked fast and a woman approaches us and inspected us. I see the other side, in the other row on the latest trip and i see Frank stretched all there, he does not look good, I see his eyes and he looks sad. I remember his words yesterday and I feel like my heart shatters. "Oh beautiful  , I really do not want this job , I just do it for my family , they need it , I would be excited but that's impossible... Do you know how hard it is for me to act like someone else? , i just wish that all this thing of war ends"  Poor Frank, I want that this finish , not only because I want to see him happy but also because I want to see my dad, I miss him too. -Wendy Miller. I leave my thoughts upon hearing my name, there I see it's my turn in line. Fingers crossed, I hope to be with my friends, this is all so new to me and I do not want to be alone. -Cafeteria and special recreation, this building, it almost end your turn but in my opinion if i was you i will go see to prepare  , even if is only left a few minutes. - She says and i just say yes to everything and then go out like a bullet to my assigned place. I do not see my friends anywhere and is cafeteria is huge and very rare, too rare. There are teenagers and adults but these are rare. They Act... different. Fear invades my system and my pulse quickens. Where have they brought me? I jumped as i heard a cry, all is silent and all eyes are focused on me like I'm some kind of freak. -Hi I'm Troy , And you? I turn around and see a guy brings his whole jacket filled with something that I have not the faintest idea what it is. I give another quick inspection , He wears his hair long, his mouth is completely covered by a substance that do not know, his shirt is somewhat short and his pants leads to the navel. It is very cute though and have a pint of nineteen. -Hi I'm Troy  , And you? - Repeats smiling. I Smirked and loose a sigh, this is so confusing. -Hi I'm Wendy. - Whisper and he nods. -Wendy I like your hair, it's very nice. - Says in a somewhat affectionate tone and I just smile and gradually get out of there. I'm Ready to get out when I run into someone soon, this is a man and I think I've seen him before. -I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. - Apologizes and I see it with some trepidation. Open his eyes very big  and pull his hair a bit. -Sorry, really - says and now he hit his forehead. I approached him to try to calm him but he get out of there like a bullet leaving me stunned and confused. I get out of there fast and just when I go there for my friends I run into women who served me a while ago back when I was in that office . I'm going to ask help ,  for a change, but she not let me explain. - Girl , what are you doing here? We are not going to pay you for this, you must do your work. - Wait , you do not understand, I do not ... -Of course I understand, now get in there and do your job. I nodde and wait that  she goes. I need to freshen up or I'll go crazy. Seeking fast and soon the bathroom when I am calm and go to my "work" God, if from the beginning i had been aware of this,  I would have raised. I give a sigh as'm on my way to the cafeteria and there is something that catches my attention upon entering. Was I looking good? - Edward stand up! It's time to go! - Order a dive woman and when she notice me ,  smiles. - But I want to play, I want to stay! - Begs the man with green eyes lying on the floor on his knees  and i frost. - A little longer, please! - Beg again but this time when I see his eyes my heart starts to pound. They were crystalline. My God what is this? I  better get out of here, donot knoe how I could accept all this from the beginning. - Hello! I open my eyes as plate and I turn around, there I get fright, the man is right there in front of me. - I am Edward! Hello! - He Scream and I show him a forced smile. -There no reason to scream Edward, lower your voice. - The Woman appears behind him and smiles. - Nice to meet you, I'm Javiera, you must be one of the new assistants right? - Says and extends her hand in greeting. I accept the greeting, I remove my hand but the strange man take it  and greets me with a strong handshake. - What is your name? How old are you? - he Whispers and smile. - Javiera bother, we better speak in a whisper. - Says and I lost a chuckle. -I'm Wendy, I have seventeen years and  you? He smiles and claps. -My name is Harry and but some people call me Edward ,  I have twenty ... - did not finish,  he flips to Javiera and then to me , , massaged his forehead, he looks frustrated a moment but then smiled. -  twenty five. -Says and  Starts to laugh and smile. This man is rare but is very tender. Scan his face and I get lost in his big green eyes  , are beautiful in my life i never have seen such eyes. -Come, let's play. - He Take my hand and pull me but there Javiera stops him. -Say goodbye Edward, we're leaving. - But ... I want to play with Wendy,   right wendy? - he whispers with his very hoarse voice and looks sad. Grab my hand with strength and smiles. I smile back and he lets out a shrill giggle a little funny. -Later, now you must go to your therapy. - Javiera says and takes his hand. -Yeah! Later Wendy! - Hums happy and bounces in his place. - Let's go Javiera, bye bye Wendy! Goes almost running and I smile to see how Javiera runs after him and beg him to stop. Something happened to this man and something told me that from now on everything would change and that was why, although Edward was rare he glad your day. - Wendy! I turn around and there I meet a glassy-eyed Edward. - Everything all right? He shakes his head and looks at all sides desperate. - My Plane! Where is my plane? - Cries while cascading tears fall down his cheeks. For a moment I freeze, shake my head and I lost a breath, this is so new to me. Start to look  everywhere until there on the floor i see his little toy, a yellow and red  plane. - Here it is, look! - Quick take it in my hands and give it to him. He Clean his face and smile. - Wendy... you're ... you're my best friend! - Screaming excited and gives me a big hug. I feel like a miniature beside him , he is so big that intimidates me for a moment.  He Moves away and  runs happy with his toy. - Goodbye Wendy! I smile. - Goodbye Edward. _______________________________________ Note :      Hi , first i will like to say that this story is not mine , is my best friend story , she  give me Permission so i traslated to english.  So this kind of character that makes Harry's in this story is something special and complicated. At times in history is  going to bother you as it is somewhat complicated because as you know "Edward" has mental disabilities, in his mind he is just a child. they will have their romantic moments and parts but you have to wait. Another thing I wanted to tell you. The story is developed in the nineteenth century, in the year that was the First World War  in the 1916  ,  the truth i have to look further such information. My friend chose this year because is interesting. At that time there was further what is rejection, racism, etc., that is something that is interesting. Well I hope you like it,   vote & comment (:
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