The opposite life

What if tom riddle never became Voldemort?what If lily and James weren't dead?would there still be a battle? What if instead of lily and James marrying lily and snape married how different would harry be?What if harry never met Ron and Hermione?


1. The beginning

                                                           Lily's pov



"Severeus how would you fell if I told you I was pregnant?" I asked my husband " I think I would faint." He responded .Yes I'm pregnant with my first kid I wonder if it's going to be a girl or boy? What if it has my eyes? I've gotten a lot of complements on my eyes lately. What would it's name be?would we teach it magic before it goes off to Hogwarts the best school to learn magic? Well of course we would Severeus is the potions professor. All of these thing were going threw my head at once so as my husband came into the living room to talk to me I suppose he found me  laying on the floor holding my old time turner.

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