Crazy Chick

Kayla is a normal like you and me but she's an orphan. Kayla and her friend Brianna were going to a concert one day but never would they think that four idiots would adopt them.
*warning* a lot of violence


1. Heading Out

Kayla's POV

" Kayla come on I want to get to the concert early so we can see 5SOS before the show!"  My friend Brianna yells through my door.  " Okay I'm sorry but lets go" " and where is it that you two are gong?" Ms. Marry said stopping us in front of the door.  

" Oh Ms. Marry you dont have to worry  Ms. Bess told us we can go so i you don't mind getting out of way with your giant hips so we can leave" " Young lady i don't know who you are talking t like that don't make me put you in the room of shame permanently." She tells me grabbing my arm.  " Ms. Marry is there a problem here?" " Ms. Bess tell her you are letting us go to a concert" I say snatching my arm out of Ms Marry's grip.  " I did tell them they could go i trust them now run along girls while I chat with Ms. Marry." Ms Bess tells us.  

We walked out of the orphanage and calling for a taxi.  Once we arrive at the venue there is at least thirty girls where the boys are entering since the show not for another hour and a half.  Brianna abd i waited and waited and more girls showed up.  Soon the boys nus pulled up and everybody went crazy and i got pushed and dropped my phone over the blocker things.  

I tried to grave it but it was to far.  That when i seen someone grab it, I stood up and seen that i was Ashton who picked it up.  "This must be yours" " Yeah it thanks." I tell him taking my phone from him.  "Would you like a picture" " yes please with Calum and my friend too."  I asked "Sure thing Calum come here"  Ashton says pulling Calum by his shirt.  

I grab Bri and take the picture. "Send to me" Biranna says.  "Oh thanks guys and wheres Michael and Luke?" I ask.  "They're looking for Luke's phone" "Did they ever think of calling it?" Brianna asked      " It's on silent" " Well that's smart" I say.

I see Ashton and Calum exchange looks and never would i of thought they would do what they did next.


All right so there you have it .  What do you think the boys do comment what you think

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