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Love [luhv] noun 1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. 2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. 3. sexual passion or desire. 4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart. Love is something that you only get to experience once in your life, with only one person. But what if that person was the guy who knew you for over half of your life. Would you take him and marry him? Or would you marry someone you thought you loved?


2. Ch.1

Chapter 1 (the past)

I was helping my mom make dinner. When I mean by help, I mean I would taste the food and tell her if it was good or not. My younger brother, Ted, was sneaking cookies from the cookie jar when my mom wasn't looking. Eventually he got caught and was sent to his room till dinner and after dinner.

I got bored so I went into the living room to look out the window to see what people where up to. As I was looking something caught my eye. It was a car, an unfamiliar car that I didn't recognize. In the car I saw a glimpse of a boy with curly hair.

"Hey, mommy," I said.

"Yes, Felicity?" she asked me. I turned around on the couch that was next to the window. "Why is there are car going to where the Moore's used to live?" I asked her with great confusion.

"Oh, those are probably the new neighbors, honey," she went back to making pasta. I frowned. I didn't want new people to move here. We were all perfectly happy without new people.


My mommy and I where currently walking over to the house that was currently owed by new people. I had begged my mommy not to have me come here, but she had different plans. She was holding a plate of cookies that were supposed to be mine.

I huffed as she rang the doorbell. We heard footsteps before the door was opened by a woman who had dark hair like mine.

"Hello," she smiled warmly.

"Hi, I'm Leah Spelta and this is my daughter Felicity Spelta," my mom said.

"Is Spelta an Italian last name?" the woman asked.

"Yes, it is. My husband is from Italy," my mom smiled.

"Ok, well I'm Anne. Come inside, please," the woman said. My mom nodded and we entered the house that is very familiar to me, but it has changed.

Instead of there being a big painting of a field in the front hall, there is a big mirror. As we walked into the kitchen there used to be a big high table in the section between the kitchen and dining room, but instead there is an island. I looked down and saw hard wood floor instead of the tiled patterned there used to be.

 I ran into the family room and the once leather couch was replaced by a felt one. I heard footsteps behind me and someone grabbed my arm.

"Felicity Giuliana Spelta, you have no right to run into their house. The Moore's do not live here anymore and when you are in this house you will have to follow their rules," she turned to the woman, who I still don't know the name of.

"I'm so sorry. She is usually more behaved," my mom said while I just huffed.

"It's completely fine. I understand; I have 3 kids. One of them is 7, another is 8 and my last one is 10," she explained.

They continued to talk while I heard multiple pairs of feet coming down the stairs. They then entered the kitchen while my back was still turned to them.

"There you all are. Now please be nice to our guests. This is Felicity Spelta," she said pointing at me," and this is her mom, Leah Spelta," she said pointing at my mom.

I finale turned around and looked at the kids in front of me.

There was one boy and one girl. The girl was slightly taller than the boy, but I'm guessing it was like that because she was older than him. The girl had dark brown, long hair and green eyes.

The boy had the same color of hair, but it was curly. His eyes where green as well, but they seemed a bit greener than the girls. He also had dimples in his cheeks when he smiled.

"Well go on, introduce your selves," the woman motioned for the kids to step forward.

"Hello, I'm Gemma and I am 9 years old," the girl smiled and stuck her hand out for me to shake. I walked forward and shook her hand hesitantly.

"Hi, I'm Felicity," I said to Gemma. I then turned to the curly haired boy. He hadn't said anything this entire time giving me the impression that he is shy.

"Hi, I'm Felicity," I stated while waiting for him to give me his name.

"Hi, I'm H-Harry," he stuttered out.

"He doesn't really talk that much," Gemma inquired. I nodded only before Gemma grabbed my wrist and led me up stairs.

We walked into Caroline's old room which used to be blue, but is now pink. Pink bed, pink curtains, pink walls, literally everything was pink.

She walked over to her closet and pulled out a big bin. She attempted to pick it up, but only to have it drop to the floor the next second. I walked over and helped her pick it up. We both dropped it on her bed.

She opened it and I saw tons of Barbie's. My mouth dropped.

"You have this many Barbie's!" I exclaimed. She nodded and said," I also have more in that other bin over there," she pointed to a smaller bin in the corner.


After about an hour or so my mom came up stairs and told me 'it was time to go'. We soon left, but not without saying goodbye to everyone. I realized Harry was nowhere to be found though. I just shrugged it off and continued to walk home.


During dinner I wasn't paying attention; I was thinking about Harry. He didn't really say anything accept for 'hi' and his name. He was so shy, I wanted to know why, but without being annoying. I have a habit of doing as my mom tells me.

He just stayed in his room the entire time though. I sighed and continued to pick at my food before my mom told me to 'stop playing with my food and actually eat it'. I did as I was told, not really wanting to start a fight right now.

I didn't really know what to do about him right now, but the only thing I did want to know was; why is he being so shy, especially around me?

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