Cut [h.s || fanfic SUMMER]

self-harm — n the practice of cutting or otherwise wounding oneself, usually considered as indicating psychological disturbance.


3. Ch.1

Chapter 1

I woke up to the wonderful sounds of my roommate, Tanner, banging pots together at 7:00am. I put my pillow over my head hoping to drown out the sound. That didn't last for long; she walked in and pulled the pillow off my head. She then started to shout in my ear about getting my fat ass up and getting ready. I just rolled my eyes and got up. I shot her a glare as I walked towards the bathroom.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror; my light pink, curly hair was just a mop on top of my head. My makeup from last night was smeared across my face and I had bags under my pale grey eyes. I stripped off my clothes and jumped into the freezing cold water.

I immediately woke up and started too wash my hair with strawberry shampoo and conditioner. After that I started to scrub my body with vanilla scented body wash.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my makeup bag.

I started to put on some black eyeliner when Tanner started to bang on the door and telling me to hurry the fuck up. I huffed and started to do the rest of my makeup. After that I blow dried my hair then straightened it. I walked out and into my bedroom and pulled my work uniform on.

I walked out and into our tiny kitchen to find Tanner sipping a cup of coffee.

"Took you long enough, why does it take you so long to get ready?" she asked.

"Well most people don't wake up and are excited to go work at a shit job on a Saturday," I said as I grabbed a box of cheerios and poured it in a bowl with milk.

"Oh come on, It's not that bad of a job," she reasoned.

"Really, Ok how does it sound to wake up so damn early just to drive 20 miles to a job where I have to make coffee for the stuck-up people who don't give two shits about you if spill scorching hot coffee on yourself? And only to get paid seven dollars an hour?" I angrily said. "When you put it like that it sounds bad. You’re forgetting about me being there and you only work there after classes and on weekends," she smiled. I just rolled my eyes.

"Come on, where going to be late," I said rather bluntly. She nodded and went off to get her shoes and bag. She soon emerged from her room.

"Ok let’s go," I just turned around, grabbing my keys in the process, and walked out the door.

I walked out of the lobby and into my car, having Tanner enter the car seconds later. I put on my sunglasses and started the car up and backed out of the parking lot.

I turned on the radio and started to drum my fingers against the steering wheel. The next song came on and I already knew the song. I switched the station immediately.

"Why did you do that, Cora?" Tanner asked almost angrily. I just rolled my eyes for like the 100 time today. "Are you saying you actually like that pop shit?" I raised an eyebrow.

"It's not 'pop shit' it’s actually pretty catchy. And you music isn't any better. Scremo and metal seriously?"

"Yeah it’s better than listening to guys sings about how they love you or some shit," I said while pulling into the parking lot.

"Whatever, I think One Direction has good music," she got out of the car. "Whatever," I mumbled.

We walked into Starbucks and headed behind the counter. I put my apron on and pulled my hair so it was in a bun on the top of my head.

I moved the bracelets on my wrists so they can cover my old and new scars. My boss says that people noticing my scars scare them away, or something else. I didn't really give a shit about what the customers thought about me or my scars; they show that I have been or are in a tough part in my life and that they should fuck off.


Tanner said that she would lock-up and that she would take the bus home or something like that. So I walked out to my car and got in. The turned the car on and put in the 'Feel' album by Sleeping With Sirens. I backed out of the parking lot, lightly humming to the first track; feel.

When I got back to my apartment I dropped my bag at the front door and set my shoes next to it as well. I walked into the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge before walking over to the window and noticed that it was starting to rain.

I then walked into my room. I changed out of my work clothes and into denim shorts, American Blood tank top, and let my hair out of the bun it was currently in. I then grabbed my laptop. I walked onto my bed before settling at the head of my bed. I turned on my laptop and logged into twitter, Tumblr, and 8tracks.

I started playing a mix; the first song was Ignorance by Paramore.

I was casually scanning the tweets, but one caught my eye. It was my ex, Brandon, saying something about me. I noticed that it was a conversation so I viewed the entire conversation.

It was a conversation between Brandon, and my older brother, Ryan. They were saying how ugly, fat I was. Also how I was a slut, whore, bitch, hoe, and wondering why I was ever born.

I slammed my laptop shut, and I felt my eyes start to water. I quickly wiped away the soon to come tears and walked into the bathroom. I opened the medicine cabinet before finding what I was looking for; a razor.

I brought it down onto my wrist before making a small cut. The pain was excruciating, but I thought that it wasn't enough. I first made more cuts on my wrists, only before sticking my wrist under the steaming water I had turned on only seconds before.

The pain was now ten times worse than it was a first. I struggled to keep my arm under the water, for it was hard just to keep it under the water.

I pulled my wrist way from the water, as if I had kept it under the water one more second, I would have passed out from too much pain.

I slumped onto the floor, my body numb from the pain. I heard the front door open and footsteps following it seconds later.

I heard Tanner calling my name, wondering where I was. She soon glanced in the bathroom and saw my body limp on the ground. She gasped before running in.

"Oh my god," she sounded frightened and as if she didn't know what to do.

She then grabbed my wrist, I winced at the contact.

"Cora," she snapped. My head shot up.

"What?" I hissed. I slowly got up from my position on the floor.

"Why did you do this?" She motioned to the new marks on my wrists. She already knew that I did, but I promised that I would stop.

I didn't answer as I grabbed a couple of Band-Aids and put them on my wrists. I tuned her out as I walked out of the bathroom and into the living room. I grabbed my brown boots before slipping them on. I grabbed my sunglasses, and my purse before heading out of the apartment.

I wanted- no I need some time away from Tanner, she was just so god damn annoying.

I put on my sunglasses, and started to walk along the side-walk. I looked down at my shoes not wanting to look at anyone as I passed them.

I looked at the watch on my wrist and noticed it said 6:00pm, the sun was starting to set and- my thoughts where cut off as I someone bumped into me and made me fall on my ass.

"What the fuck dude!" I yelled at the person as I got up.

"Watch where you going," the person spat. I raised my eyebrows at the person.

"Watch where I'm going? You're the one who fucking bumped into me and made me fall flat on my ass," I told the male I suppose for the voice was too deep to be a woman's.

"Well I have to be somewhere now, so to make up for it do you want a picture, autograph, or what?" the person asked.

I just stared at him with confusion written across my face.


"I said..." he started but I cut him off."I heard what you said, who the fuck do you think you are? Running into people then asking if they want a picture with you, you're not some type of celebrity," the spat at the person.

He just chuckled and said, "Last time I checked, I was. Let me properly introduce myself; hi, I'm Harry Styles."


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