We Need To Talk


1. Prologue

"Brookie! Time for your first day of high school. As a freshie!" My overenthusiastic Mom yelled. I groaned and in a raspy tone retorted back,

"Just stick to calling us freshman, Mom." 

But who knew those eight words were the beginning of something horrid?

I, Brooke Dupree, certainly did not.

I wiped the gross sleep from my eyes and groggily sulked to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, stripped, and hopped in, attempting to wake myself up. I let the warm water glide across my face, body, and hair. This was just what I needed to start the day.

'Hmm. High school?' I thought. 'Can I take a major rain check, for my whole life?' I scoffed out loud, got out of the shower, and wrapped myself in a towel. I'm not gonna know anyone. Nobody from my Elementary School is going to this dump.

Westway High. But it's all I got. I quickly got dressed, applied my makeup, and slipped on my TOMS. I hop downstairs where my mom was cooking breakfast. I gotta eat fast. Can't miss my bus on the first day.

"Are you ready for your first day at Westway?" Mom asked.

"Define 'ready'? Because if that means 'prepared' or 'excited'..then that's a definite no." I replied, taking a bite of my food.

"Oh, don't be so dramatic, Brookiekins." I'm totally ignoring that nickname she just gave me.

"I'm not being dramatic, just worried. What if I don't find a friend? What if I repel guys? What if I can't find my class? What if--" I gasp. "What if I can't find the cafeteria? I'm gonna starve mom."

"Honey, you need to relax. As smart as you are, I know you'll figure it all out." She reassured me. I smiled and thanked her. 

"Well, mom. Thanks for the yummy breakfast, but I gots to go. Can't be late." I kissed her cheek, dropped my plate in the sink full of water, grabbed my bag, and rushed out the door.

A/N: New story! Don't worry, I won't do the author notes often because honestly nobody really cares, unless it involves them. So.. I hope you enjoy this prologue of a new story that I hope will last a while. Take care. xx

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