What really happened

What really happened; hermione's childhood!!!


2. Ugh...BOYS!

On the train was a long and thin aisle oppening to lots of compartements. With all the students, most compartements were obviously full. After searching for a while, Neville, who was behind Hermione the whole time, came to a compartement with a peculiar looking girl inside. She was reading a magazine, only upside down. The word Quibbler was written in bold right on the cover! The girl caught Hermione staring at the magazine.

-Oh hello. You know, my father's the editor for the Quibbler. It's amazing! This week's theme is on how to get rid of Nargles.

-Hermione, this is Luna, Luna Lovegood. says Neville.

-Hello, I'm Hermione. Er...what are Nargles?

-Oh their creatures who infest mistletoe! but we're alright don't worry, they dont like plumbs!

And sure enough, Luna brushed back her hair to show them big plum earring hanging from her ears! How odd! After excusing herself, Hermione went to look for another compartement. Thankfully, there was only one left that wasnt fully ocupied. She walked in, and there sat two boys her age; to her left was a boy with fiery red hair and the most disgusting looking rat sitting on his lap! To her right was a boy with dark messy hair, round glasses and, upon his forehead what seamed to be a...scar!

-Your Harry Potter! Oh i saw you on a poster in Diagon Alley! I'm Hermione Granger!

She turned her head to the red headed boy who was now divoulging some wizard candy she has never seen before.

-And you are?

-Ron. Ron Weasley.

He answered with his mouth full like a pic. Even though he was, of course, very rude, Hermione thought he looked sort of cute with his freckles and bright red hair. All of a sudden, Ron pointed his wand at his filthy rat, about to cast a spell on it.

-What are you doing?

She asked this trying not to sound mean but, really, what WAS he doing?!

-Oh, I was about to show Harry how to give Scabbers here some yellow chicken pocks! So here I go...er...sunshines, dandelions, Goldie Locks, give this fat rat yellow chicken pocks!

Nothing happenend, how silly! Obviously Hermione, who was always a good student, studied almost every spell in her book. She even read all of Hogwarts; A History. She could definetly do this.

-Here, let me. I could surely do this simple spell!

After mumbling something under her breath, with a flick of the wand, the dull grey rat turned a bright banana yellow!


The two boys exclaimed at the same beat.



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