What really happened

What really happened; hermione's childhood!!!


3. The Sorting Hat

Finally, the train came to a slow but abrupt stop, which everyone knew ment that they finally arrived! Hermione, Ron and Harry got their things and headed off the train to find a ginormous man with a wild beard calling the first years! He looked as though he could be a giant just not that quit big.

- Hi everyone, Im Hagrid. Ter ge' ter Hogwarts we'll take ther boats! alri', so...err...lets get on with it, shall we!

The first years grouped into the boats in groups of five; Hermione, Harry, Ron, Neville and some irish boy took one boat. Hermione, who always likes to help, looked around for a paddle. She was good at boating. Her parents took her camping every summer and she went canoeing. Without notice, the small boats starting to slowly skim the surface of the water. They were moving, ALL BY THEMSELVES!

The ride was incredeble! The top of the water glisened from the full moon and acted like a mirror.

Once there, they entered a big room called the Great Hall! in the room, there stood four long tables with hundreds of students waiting. Above, floating in mid air, were thousands of candles and on the ceiling was a copy of exactly what the sky looked like outdoors! At the front of the room was a long table facing all the students. Probably the teacher's table! infront of the table right in the middle was a large stand with a beautiful owl in the front with its wings out streched! Dumbledore stood infront of the podeum!

-Welcome, first years and returning students, to Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Today the new comers will be sorted and then the feast shall began!

A lady with a large pointed hat brought forth and stool and an old looking hat with a slit, almost like a mouth, in the front! She pulled out a list of parchement and began to call out names; Luna Lovegood, Ravenclaw. Pansy Parkinson, Slytherin. Seamus Finnigan, Gryffindor. Hermione Granger...

Hermione, very nervous, stepped forward and sat on the small wooden stool. That was probably the only thing in the whole school that had nothing to do with magic! The lady, who's name was written on her robes (Professor Mcgonagall), placed the hat carefully on the top of her poofy head of hair. She could have sworn she heard the hat mumbling something like the word Huffle... It only took a few seconds befor the hat screamed,


One of the long tables full of kids with yellow and red scarves started to cheer and clap while Hermione ran over to sit with her new friends Ron and Harry.



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