My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


11. What are you doing here?

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up and the first thing I saw was Adriana laying beside me. I wish every morning was like this. She looked so peaceful. I carefully got off the bed and went to the bathroom. I went back to Adriana's room and she was waking up.

-Hey Adri-

-Hey Harry-

-How did you sleep?-

-Good and you?-

-Good, I'm hungry-

-Me too, let's go make breakfast-

We went downstairs. I sat on the table and looked at her. She opened the fridge and started looking at it. 

-Are you gonna keep looking at it all morning?-

She looked at me and closed the fridge door she looked kind of nervous. 

-Um...I...I don't know how to cook-

I looked at her and started to laugh. She looked at me confused and crossed his arms.

-It's not funny!!!-

I kept laughing and she glared at me but ended up laughing too.

-What do we do now?- she asked

-Well I can make breakfast-

-You cook?-


-Ugh this is so embarrassing, I can believe you can cook but I don't-

-Have you ever even tried-

-Yeah I ended up almost setting the whole house on fire making pancakes-

-What? how?-

-I don't know one minute they were fine and the next they were on fire- she said shrugging.

-Ok then I will have to teach you how to cook someday-


I went to the fridge and got all the things I needed. I made pancakes, bacon and eggs. I gave her a plate and we both started eating.

-What were you gonna eat if I wasn't here?-

-I don't know maybe some cereal-

-Ok so do you like your breakfast?-

-Yeah is delicious-

-Glad you like it-

-What are we gonna do today?-

-Right I almost forgot, where going bowling with the guys-


We finished eating breakfast.

-I'm gonna go change and I'll pick you up in an hour to go bowling-


She walked me to the door and I gave her a kiss. 

-See you later love-


Adriana's P.O.V.

I went to my room and took a bath. I put on a black top that said wish upon a star in different colors with light blue shorts an my pink converse. I put my hair in a fishtail braid and put some makeup. After I was done I sat on the bed with my phone checking Facebook. I heard a knock on the door. I went downstairs and open the door and I saw my dad standing there. 

-Dad?!? What are you doing here?-

-I came to see you-

I gave him a hug and he hugged back. This is the first time I see him since he left. He left us and never came back because he didn't care. I broke the hug and pushed him he was surprised by my sudden action.

-HOW COULD YOU!?!- I screamed

-I'm sorry-


-Things weren't working out between your mom and me I didn't love her anymore-

-That doesn't mean you had to leave us at the middle of the night and take almost all the money we had, you didn't even left us a note or at least said goodbye and that hurt, you don't know how hard it was for us, we were here suffering while you were happy with another woman!!!- 

-Adriana calm down!!!-

-Don't you tell me to calm down after what you did!!!-

-Robert give her time to calm down- I heard a woman say 

I looked to his car and there was a woman with two girls. I'm guessing his other wife and kids. I looked at him.

-HOW DARE YOU BRING THEM HERE!!!- I pushed him and he almost fell.

-YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!!!-I was about to push him again when someone grab me from my back.

-Adri calm down please!- I look up and it was Harry.


-Not until you calm down-

-I can't calm down he brought his other wife and daughters here to our house the house were mom his ex-wife and other daughter live, How would you feel about it Harry tell me!- I said trying to free my self from Harry 

He turned me around so I can face him. 

-I know this is hard and he isn't making things better but you need to calm down getting angry isn't gonna take you anywhere-

I hugged him tightly and started to cry. This is just too hard from me. He held me and started stroking my hair till I calmed down. 

-I think it's better if you go and come back tomorrow-said Harry 

-I leave when I want because this is my house!-said dad

-This place stopped being you're house when you left- I said

-Robert let's go we will come later or tomorrow- said his wife

He looked at her then at me and Harry and left.

I went inside the house with Harry. We went to the kitchen and I sat down on the table. He made two cups of tea and gave me one and sat down.

-Did you saw it all?-

-Yeah I got here when you opened the door, I didn't want to interrupt so I waited and then you started screaming and pushing him so I went to stop you-

-At first I was happy too see him but then I got mad because he left us and now he comes here and acts like nothing happened with his other wife and daughters and that hurt so much, I just can't believe he dared to bring them here-

-Why don't you talk to him, it will make things better and maybe he can explain why he left and why did he brought them here-

-Yeah but first I'm gonna call mom she needs to know he came here and she has to be here when he comes back because I can't face him alone and I know she needs to talk to him too-


I grabbed my phone and went to the backyard. I dialed moms number and she picked it up after the third ring.


-Mom its me Adriana I need to tell you something-

-Is everything alright?-

-Dad came here and things got a little off handle but Harry helped me-

- WHAT!!! I'm on my way but I'll be there late because is a long drive so don't open the door to him till I get there and don't go anywhere today stay in the house-

-Ok bye-


I went to the living room and Harry was watching tv I sat down beside him.

-Mom told me to stay here so I can't go bowling- 

-Then I'm staying with you-

-You sure you don't want to go?-

-Nah I rather spent some time with my beautiful girlfriend-
I blushed a little. 

-Okay so lets watch a movie then-

-Okay I'm gonna call the guys and tell them that we can't go-

-ok I'm gonna get some snacks-

I went to the kitchen and gather all the snacks mom buy yesterday. I made some popcorn and carried all the things to the living room.

-Wow that's a lot of things!- said Harry

They were 1 pack of Oreos, 1 of chocolate chips, Some Doritos, Cheetos, gummy bears, Hershey's, skittles and the popcorn.

-Lets say you can't leave me in a supermarket with a shopping car when I'm hungry or Bored because I may or may not grab all the things I like-

-Oh god you really are one special girl-

-I know!- I said laughing 

Someone knocked at the door. Oh no this can't be happening. I looked at Harry. 

-I'm not gonna answer the door what if it's him-

-I don't think it's him he just left-

-Well I'm not gonna open that door, you open it-


He stood up and went to answer the door. I heard him talking to someone at the door. What if it's dad? I went to the door and the guys and Ally were there.

-Hey guys!-

-Hey-they all said giving me a group hug

-What are you doing here?-

-What so we can't spend some time with our friends now?!?-said Louis 

- I mean you're supposed to be bowling not here-

-Harry told us what happened and we wanted to come cheer you up!!! Plus we can go bowling another day-

-Thanks for coming I really appreciate it-

-Ok so we brought some movies-Said Liam

-YAY, MOVIE TIME!!!- I screamed

We walked to the living room. 

-So what movies did you brought?-

-Divergent, woman in black and need for speed-said Ally

-I wanna see Divergent first!-

I put on the movie and sat down next to Harry. We watched the 3 movies now it was 6:30. 

-Lets go to McDonald's I'm hungry-said Zayn

-I'm hungry too but mom said to stay here till she comes back-

-Oh so what are we gonna do?- said Niall

-Well 3 of you can go buy the food and the other 3 stay here with me-

-I'm staying-said Harry 

-Me too-said Ally and Liam at the same time

-Ok so Niall, Zayn and Louis go buy the food-

-How are we supposed to remember what to buy?-said Louis

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down what each of us wanted.

-Here now you know what to buy- I said giving Louis the paper.

With that they left to get the food. Liam and Harry were talking so I sat down next to Ally.

-I can't believe your dad came here today- she said

-Yeah me neither, I didn't think he would come back-

-Yeah I'm sorry for you-

-It's ok it's not your fault anyway, It really hurt to see him with his other family- I said tearing up a bit

-Don't cry he's not worth it-said Ally giving me a hug.
-If you need me I'll be here for you-

-Thanks Ally-

-No problem-

We kept talking till the guys brought the food. We watched some t.v. while eating the food. Everything was fine till I heard the front door open and close. I looked at the guys and they were all looking to where the front door was but we couldn't see if somebody was there.

-Why the hell did you leave the door open?!?-said Louis

-Well excuse me for not knowing someone was going to just randomly enter the house- I said sarcastically 

He was about to say something when we heard someone coming closer. I hid behind Harry. We all screamed when we saw someone enter the living room but then we realized it was just mom.

-Mom you scared us!-

-Oh right I thought you were screaming because you were happy to see me- she said sarcastically rolling her eyes.

We all laughed.

-HEY MRS BROOKS!- they screamed

-Hey guys!- mom said
-Well I'm gonna go take a bath it was a really tiring trip see you later guys- she said going upstairs. 

-Well I think we should get going-Said Ally 


I gave them all a hug and they all left except for Harry. 

-If you need me call me-

-Yeah I will-

I gave him a kiss.

-Thanks for helping me today and for staying here all day-

-Anytime love-

I gave him a hug and he left. I went upstairs to my room and lay in bed playing in my phone till mom came in the room. She sat on the bed next to me.

-What happened this morning?-

-Well I was waiting for Harry to pick me up to go bowling when I heard a knock on the door so I went to answer it thinking it was him but found dad instead and well I got a little mad and started screaming and pushing him and then he told me to calm down and I said I won't calm down and then a woman said "let her calm down" and it was his other wife and daughters and seeing them really hurt so I got really mad and push him and he almost fell and I kept screaming at him and was about to push him again but Harry stopped me and helped me calm down and then Harry said he should leave and he said he wasn't gonna leave because this was his house and then I told him that this stopped being his house when he left and then his wife said that they should leave and come back later or tomorrow and he left-

-He brought them here I can't believe him that asshole, I'm sorry I wasn't here with you when that happened-

-It's okay, do you think he's gonna come back tomorrow?-

-Well he already came today so probably yes-

-What does he want?-

-I don't know sweetheart I guess we will figure it out tomorrow-


-Well I'm tired an tomorrow it's gonna be a long day so I'm going to bed-

-Okay good night mom-

-Good night-

After mom left I changed to my pjs and went to sleep too.

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