My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


19. Was it a dream?

Adriana's P.O.V.

I woke up and look around I was in my room. I feel kind of confused right now. I swear I was with Harry yesterday but what if it was just a dream? I mean he obviously isn't here. I checked my phone and I don't have any calls or messages. So it was just a dream huh? Now I was feeling really sad. I just want to go home with him. Tell him I love him more than anything in this world. I went downstairs and sat on a chair. Miranda gave me my breakfast. She was about to say something to me but one of the baby's started crying and she went to see what was wrong. I stayed there thinking. It was such a good and bad dream at the same time. It was just so real. My mind is playing with me and its not funny. I just wish that everything was true when he came and hugged me like he never wanted to let me go again, when he said he loved me, when he told me he understand that I needed some time before being in a relationship with him again. I guess it was just too good to be true. After I finish my breakfast I went to my room again. I checked my phone and it was 9:30am. I turned on the tv that was in my room and started to look for something good to watch. I saw they were giving one of my favorite shows young and hungry. I started to watch that. After watching two episodes I heard my phone ring. I grab it and saw it was a message from Harry!!! I quickly open it and started to read.

From Harry: hey I leave today at midnight so I thought that maybe you can show me around before I go

So it wasn't a dream. He really is here! Omg I can't believe it! I quickly text back.

From Adriana: yeah that would be great!

From Harry: ok I'll pick you up in and hour

From Adriana: ok see you!

I was so happy. Im going to see him! I quickly changed into some white shorts and a black tank top. I put on some black flats and put my hair in a side braid. I put on some makeup and went downstairs. 


-Hey someone is looking happy today-

-Yeah I am happy- I said grabbing one of the baby girls. 

-Does it have something to do with a curly headed boy?- she said smirking

-How do you know?-

-I take that as a yes and he came here yesterday looking for you-

-Wait how did he knew I was staying here?- 

-I don't know did you give it to somebody?-

I started to think and then it hit me I gave it to ally! She must have told him my address.

-Yeah Ally I bet she told him-

-So are you two back together or are you gonna take things slow as I told you-

-We are gonna take things slow I told him and he was ok with it but I don't know for how long because I don't know how much I would resist-

-It doesn't have to be for much time just long enough for you to know that he is really interested in you as he says-


I heard a knock on the door. I went to answer it. I saw Harry standing there looking good as usual. He had a white shirt with his skinny jeans and his brown boots. He smiled at me and I did the same. 

-Ready to go?-


We walked to the taxi and entered. Harry told the driver where to go. 

-So Harry how did you knew my address I here in Paris- I asking to know if I was right that ally gave it to him.

He looked shocked at my sudden question.
-Well I told Liam to ask Ally and she called you and then gave it to me-

-Oh okay I'm surprised she gave it to you-

-It wasn't easy she almost killed me in the process but I convinced her-


We kept talking till we got to the cafe we were yesterday. 

-I'm gonna get some breakfast first I'm starving you want something-

-Just some coffee I already ate breakfast-


He went to order the food and I sat down on a table. He came back with his food and my coffee. When we were done we walked out of the cafe and I showed him all my favorite places that I have visited while I was here. It was even more fun with going to them with Harry. He was always making bad jokes about almost everything he saw. Just thinking how bad they were naked me laugh. It was really fun being with him. The day went on really fast. I wish I had more time to be with him but he sadly has to go. We went to his hotel to grab his luggage. I stayed at the taxi waiting for him. He came back with his suitcase. I drove him to the airport. He said his mom didn't come because she had some important things to do. I went with him to the airport and stayed with him. I wanted to leave with him back to Holmes Chappell. I should have told dad that I wanted to leave earlier but it's too late now. When they called Harry's flight I started to tear up. I didn't want him to go. He looked at me and gave me a hug.

-When do you come back home?- he asked

-Next Sunday at 4:00pm-

-Ok ill be waiting for you at the airport-


-I have to go now- he said breaking the hug

-Bye Harry-

-See you on Sunday remember ill be waiting for you- 

-ok Call me when you get to Holmes Chappell-


Whit that he left. I wiped some tears I had in my eyes and walked out of the airport and took a taxi home.


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