My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


7. Valentines day

Harrys P.O.V. 

I had a plan to tell Adriana that I like her. I went to school super early and entered the classroom I put a rose in her desk with a note that describe my feelings for her the note also said that if she wanted to know who I am she will meet me at the park at 5:00. I quickly went to the guys

-Did you put the rose in her desk?- Zayn said

-Yeah I hope she like's it-

-She will- Niall said

We all sat down And waited for class to start.

Adriana's P.O.V

I woke up took a shower washed my teeth and put a black top with a red skirt and my black vans. I curled my hair and went downstairs I gave mom a hug and went to school. I went to my locker grabed the things I needed and went to class. I entered the class room and There was something in my desk it was a red rose it was beautiful I picked up the rose and there was a note. I opened It and started to read.

Hey Adriana 

I had liked you since I first saw you. Ive always wanted to ask you out but I never had the courage. I love your smile and the way you laugh. I wanted to talk to you but you don't seem to notice me , is like to you I don't exist. If you want to know who I am meet me at the park at 5:00. I'll be waiting.

A smile grew in my face someone has liked me all this time and I didn't know ! but who? Im so excited I can't wait till is 5:00 to know who my secret lover is...

-----------------at lunch-------------------

Ally looked at me with the rose in my hand And quickly walked to me.

-Who gave you that beautyful rose!?- she said whispering/screaming because she didnt want to drag attention to us.

-I don't know-

-What???how could you not know who gave you the rose???-

-It was on my desk with this note-

She read the note

-Ahhh this is so exciting You are going right?-

-Well obvious I want to know who he is!-

After lunch I went to class , the day went slowly. At 3:00 I went to my house. 

-Hey mum-

-Hey hon how was your day?-

I showed her the rose

-Oh my! Adriana. this rose is beautyful who gave it to you?-

-I don't know it was on my desk with a Note that said that If I wanted to know who he was I will meet him at the park.-

-Ok are you going?-

-Well yeah I want to know who he is-


I went to my room to plan my outfit I decided on a cream strapless dress that had a black bow on the side And my black Flats. I took a quick shower and put on everything I left my hair loose since it was already curled. I went to the park. I sat in a bench, Now what am I gonna do if I don't know who he is?

Harry's P.O.V.

I saw Adriana sitting on a bench she looked so beautiful. I went to her.

-Hey Adriana-

-Hey Harry umm... are...are you the one who put the rose with the note on my desk-



-I really like you Adriana I always have but I don't know if you like me back so I never had the courage to tell you-

-That's so sweet and I have always had a liked on you too-

A smile grew in my face she likes me She was blushing it was so cute!

-C'mon I got a surprise for you.

I grab her hand and started walking towards the lake I had put a blanket near the lake with some food-

-Oh Harry this is so beautiful-

We sat and ate and talked about everything our families and our favorite things we got to know eachother. When it was dark we layed on the blanket. I check the time 7:00 Perfect the fireworks start.

-Look fireworks!!-

-Yeah their beautiful, like you!-
She was blushing again.

-Your so cheesy!!!-

-You know you like it-

We both stared into eachother eyes I moved a piece of hair from her face we both started to lean in until our lips touch it was magical.

I pulled away, to catch some air.

-I got one more surprise for you wait a minute-

I went behind the tree and grabed the giant teddy bear that had a basket And inside the basket was a silver neackles with the shape of a heart.

-Here you go-

-OMG!!! this is like the perfect present I always wanted one of these giant teddy bears how did you know!!!-

-Well I Heard you talking to Ally describing the perfect gift-

-STOCKER!!!- she laughed
-Thank you so much this is like my dream valentines day-

-No problem you deserve it-

I got the neackless out of the basket and helped her put it on.

-you like it?-

-I love it-

We walked to her house.

-Hey you wanna come in to watch a movie? its only 9:00-

-Yeah sure-

-Theres the living room go make your self comfortable I'm gonna tell mom your here and go change-

Adriana's P.O.V.

I left Harry in the living room and went to mom's room.

-Hey mom-

-Hey sweet heart how did it go? who is the boy?-

-It was perfect!! And the boy was Harry-

-That curly haired boy that you've liked since 7th grade-


-Oh honey that great-

-He's downstairs were gonna watch a movie its that ok?-

-Yeah sure can I meet him?-

- I guess but wait im gonna go change into something more comfortable-


I went to my room and put some sweatpants and a pink T-shirt and put my hair in a ponytale.

-Ok mom im done, We walked downstairs-

-Hey Harry this is my mom-
He stood up 

-Hi I'm Harry Styles- 

-Hello Harry, I'm Camile-

-Nice to meet you Camile-
Harry shaked my mom's hand.

-Well im gonna be in my room if you need me-

She left and went to her room 

-She wanted to meet you and since you were here I couldn't say no-

-Its ok she seem's very nice-

-I'm gonna make some popcorn you pick a movie-


I went to the kitchen and made a bowl of popcorn I grabed two can's of coke and went to the livingroom. I gave Harry the coke. 

-What movie are we going to watch?-

-Love Actually-

-Thats my favorite movie!-

-Really mine too-

It had pass like ten minutes into the movie when Harry put an arm around my shoulder and I put my head in his shoulder and snuggled closer to him. It was like in half of the movie when I fell asleep.

Harrys P.O.V.

She fall asleep in my arms she looked so peacefull I took a photo of her slepping I smiled at the photo and save it. I caried her to her room I gave her a kiss on the forehead and put a note were she could see it.

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