My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


16. The letter

Adriana's P.O.V.

I woke up. I went to the bathroom and take a bath after I was done I put on A white long sleeve sweater with a black skirt, I curled my hair and put on my black vans. I was about to grab my phone when I saw the letter. I grab it and sat on the bed. Should I read it? Well I promised him I would read it. I open it and started to read.

Hey Adriana

Since I know you won't listen to me I decided that I would write to you what happened in this letter. I don't know if you'll forgive me but you need to know the truth. My mom and Katy's mom are friends They were planning a girls day out. My mom and sister were going to the mall with Katy and her mom to do some girl stuff. I obviously wasn't going I was staying at home. When you called me I was in my room and they were downstairs. After I finished talking with you Katy entered my room saying that mom wanted to tell me something. I went to mom and she told me Katy wasn't feeling well and that she was staying at the house with me. I tried to protest but she didn't listen to me. I went to my room and put some music. I was sitting on my bed scrolling through twitter when Katy entered my room. She told me they were gone and sat next to me. I told her to leave but she said she didn't wanted to go and that if we could just talk for a while. I don't know why but I agreed. She was acting really nice. It was like a whole other side to her. I actually was enjoying talking to her. I don't know why but she suddenly kissed me and I got caught in the moment and kissed back. I swear I didn't feel anything when I kissed her I didn't even like it. It's was the biggest mistake of my life and I know I'm such a jerk. You don't know how sorry I am Adriana I really love you with all my heart. I can't believe I lost you because of a stupid mistake. I'm really sorry. I want you to know that even if we don't get back together you will always be the love of my life. I hope one day you'll forgive me and we can be together. Remember ill always be here for you no matter what. 


I don't even know what to think. I mean he just admitted he kissed her back but he also said it meant nothing to him that he didn't even like it and admitted he loves me. Why does everything have to be so hard. We are so far away now. We both made a really big mistake. His was kissing her back and mine was not listening to him. Maybe if I let him explain we may still be together. But what if we get back together and he does it again? What's gonna happen when I go back? Would he still try to talk to me and try to fix things up or would he just accept is over and move on? So many things can happen in two weeks. Guess ill just have to see what happens. I shouldn't have come I should have stay and work things out with him. I'm so sad I just can't believe I left like that but it really hurt me to see him  kissing her. 

I went downstairs and saw Miranda sitting on the floor in the living room playing with my two step sisters 

-Good morning, want me to make you some breakfast?-she said

-No it's ok I'm not hungry-

-But you didn't ate that much yesterday -

-Why are you being so nice to me?-

-Adriana I know that you hate me and I understand you have a reason for it but things weren't like you think I have my side of the story too and if you knew you would understand that I'm not the person you think I am-

I started to think and I already make the mistake of jumping to my own conclusions and not listening to someone and I regret it so much so I guess it wouldn't hurt to see her side of the story.

-Well I want to hear your side of the story- I said sitting beside her with one of the baby's in my hands.

She looked a little shocked at first but then smiled at me.

-Okay well I used to live here in Paris till I got a job offer in Holme chapels to be your fathers secretary. It was a good job and it payed well so I accepted. I moved there a day before I needed to start my job. I had already rented an apartment online. I got there early so I could unpack everything. At night I went to eat to a restaurant. Your dad was there and he saw I was alone he asked me if he could sit with me and I accepted. He introduce himself and I did the same. We stayed there talking till the restaurant closed. He never said he was married or that he had a daughter. He drove me home since I went walking. He gave me his number and said to call him sometime. The other day when I went to work I was shocked to see he was my boss. A month later We started dating. We were together for 5 months and he never took me to his house. I was so in love with him that the thought of him having a wife and kids didn't cross my mind. I guess I should have know there was a reason why he never took me there. The day I realized I was pregnant was the day I discover he was married. I was going to tell him I was pregnant but I heard him talking on the phone. The only things I could hear him say we're "ill see you at home honey I love you". I thought he was cheating on me. I confronted him and he told me he was married and had a daughter. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even told him I was pregnant I just quit my job and went to my apartment. I started to pack all my things. I was going back to Paris. I told one of my friends from work that I was pregnant and that I was leaving in 3 days. She told him and he came to me. He said he wasn't interested in your mother anymore but didn't know how to tell her that he didn't want to be with her anymore. I told him I was pregnant and that I was leaving to Paris. He said that he loved me and was coming with me. I said that first he had to divorce from your mother and then he could come with me. I thought he wouldn't do it. In fact I didn't see him till I was about to board the plane. I remember him saying "I won't let you go to Paris without me I love you like I've never loved somebody before" then he kissed me. We boarded the plane and we were talking. I asked him how did he got divorced in 3 days that's when he told me he still wasn't divorced from your mother that he snuck out of the house but to not worry because he left the divorce papers in a place he knew your mom could see them. I got mad at him because thats was not the way he was supposed to do things. We had a fight because of that. I remember I told him "so when you find another girl you are gonna leave me just like you did with her". He said that he never loved your mother but she loved him and that why he married her. He wanted to take you with him but he couldn't explain to you that you were leaving your mother to come live with me to Paris. He really missed you all this time and I felt guilty knowing that your father leaving was hard for you and it was kind of my fault. I convinced him to go see you knowing he wanted to see you. He told me he wanted you to come live with us because he knew you loved Paris and I told him that I didn't have a problem with you coming to live with us. He told me that you probably hated him and that was the last thing you would do but I said that he should give it a try and with that we went back to Holmes Chappell and well you know the rest-

Well that makes sense. Now I feel guilty for thinking she was the bad one when she didn't even knew he was married. 

-I'm sorry for thinking bad of you and hating you-

-It's ok now that you know the truth maybe we can be friends-


-I have one question?-

-What is it?-

-What make you want to hear what I had to say?-

-I made the mistake of not hearing what someone was trying to explain to me and now I really regret it so I thought about not making the same mistake again and heard what you had to say-

-Does that mistake had something to do with that guy who showed up at the airport-

I nodded.

-Want to talk about it?-

-I don't know-

-C'mon maybe I can help you-

I sighed
-Well he was my boyfriend. I liked him since I was in 7th grade but never told him. When I started hanging out with his friends I thought he hated me cause he was always acting cold or ignoring me. On his birthday I went with one of his friends to surprise him in the morning and his reaction wasn't the pretties. The day after that he apologized and I started talking more to him. Two weeks later was valentines day and he did something really special and told me he liked me too since 7th grade. On our first date he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted. Our month anniversary would have been next Saturday but I broke up with him on Sunday because When I went to his house to tell him I was leaving for two weeks I saw him kissing Katy the most popular girl at school. He try to explain to me but I though I saw them kissing there's no other explanation to that. So I screamed at him some things including that we were done and left. I thought that maybe all of this was part of some stupid bet or something like that Because I remembered that I thought he hated me because of how he was acting around me and when I asked him he said to leave it like that. He tried to call me and text me but didn't answer him. At the airport he tried to explain again but since I had to leave he gave me a letter. When I read it this morning it said that she was the one who kissed him and he just got caught in the moment and kissed back. I don't know why but I believe him and I'm just worried that by the time I come back he won't want to be with me anymore or that he has move on. Ugh how could I be so stupid and not listen to what he had to say-

-You're not stupid you are in love and sometimes when we are in love we do things that we regret later. We risk everything for that one person that we love sometimes is worth it and sometimes things don't go as we planned  just remember we're not perfect and we all make mistakes and maybe he did a mistake but everything happens for a reason and If you really love that boy and he loves you no matter what happens big or small you two will always find a way back to each other-

-But what if we never get back together?-

-Then it wasn't meant to be-

-How can I know that he truly loves me and he's not gonna do something like that again?-

-Well I suggest that if he tries to get back together with you tell him you want to take things slow this time. You know friend zone him for some time treat him like you would treat any other guy no kisses, no calling him all the time, no grabbing hands, no flirting  you get the point if he waits then he truly loves you but if he gives up he wasn't the right guy for you-

-Okay thanks for the advice-

-No problem I'm here for you-

I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 5 o'clock. 

-Wow we have been talking for hours I woke up at 12:00am and it's almost 5-

-Really! Time flies-


-I'm sorry you couldn't go anywhere today-

-It's okay-

-Well I need to make dinner would you mind watching the girls for a bit?-

-No I don't mind besides they're still sleeping-

She left for the kitchen and I turned on the tv. I put on pretty little liars. One of the girls woke up and started crying. I quickly picked her up but she kept crying. She must be hungry. I prepared her some milk. When I give her the milk she calmed down. After she was done I played with her till the other one woke up and started crying too. I sat the one I had in my arms in her crib and pick up the other one. I gave her some milk too And put her with the other one in the crib. I started playing with the both of them till they fell asleep again. I kept watching them till Miranda finished cooking. When dad came home we had dinner. After that I went to my room and called mom to tell her I was fine. Then I stayed in my room watching tv till I feel asleep.

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