My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


17. Sight seeing

Adriana's P.O.V. Today I'm finally going sight seeing. I want to see the Eiffel already. I woke up really early and prepared myself to go. I put on some light pink shorts with a white top. I curled my hair. I went downstairs and saw dad sitting in the table eating breakfast. -Hey dad- I said sitting in front of him -Hey Adri- Miranda gave me a plate with some pancakes and eggs. I started to eat. -So you are going sight seeing today?- asked dad -Yeah- -Well here's some money for taxi, food or in case you want to buy something- he said giving me a lot of money -Dad you don't have to this is a lot of money!- I said giving him the money back -No take it as the birthday present I couldn't gave you cause I wasn't there- -I don't know- -C'mon I'm giving it to you, it's not like your asking me for it- -Fine- I took the money. Then he stand up said goodbye and left to work. -Well I am going now- I said to Miranda -Ok be careful- -Okay- I called a taxi since everything was still a little far. I was watching everything as I passed by. The taxi drove me to the Eiffel Tower. I pay the man and got off the taxi. I was walking there when I saw two guys screaming at a girl really harsh things. People were just passing by around them no one did something. They pushed her and she fell then they left. I went up to the girl. She had ginger hair and blue eyes. She had a navy blue long sleeve sweater, some jeans and black converse. -Hey are you ok?- She looked at me. -Are you talking to me?- -Yeah- -Oh yeah I'm fine- I helped her stand up. -Who are those boys and why do they treat you like that?- -They are the popular boys at my school and also my bullies and I don't know why I haven't done anything to them- -Oh I'm sorry for that- -It's not your fault, you are the only person who's been nice to me in a long time- -I'm Adriana- -I'm Jessica, are you new here I haven't seen you around?- -Yeah I'm here with my dad for two weeks- -Oh okay- -Well I'm going to see the Eiffel Tower want to come with me?- -Yes!- -Yay someone who knows the city! maybe you can show me around some good places- -Sure lets go- We went to the Eiffel Tower. I of course took a photo of it. We went up and the view was beautiful. -Wow this is so beautiful, it more amazing than I imagined!- I said -Yeah I like to come here in the mornings to see the view- We stayed there for about 20min. -Hey lets go to the Luxembourg Gardens is not that far from here and it's beautiful- -Okay lets go!- When we got there it was beautiful seeing all those different kinds of flowers everywhere and the smell it was so awesome. It was so relaxing we stayed there for a while just enjoying the view. Jessica was really fun to be with. Next we went to the louvre art museum. We saw so many famous paintings. My favorite was the Mona Lisa. After we were done with the museum we went to Le marauding a beautiful old district. It's was like being in Paris in the old times. They were some cool shops and cafes. We stopped at one to buy some food. We buy some food and sat down to eat. -This day has been so awesome! I love it here in Paris!- -Yeah it's pretty cool there so many beautiful places here- said Jessica -I know- -For how long are you staying?- -Well I was supposed to stay for two weeks but I'm thinking about staying here for a while with my father- I said getting a little sad remembering mom, Ally and the guys specially Harry -Hey what's wrong?- -Nothing it's just that when I left home to come here I was in bad terms with someone- -Oh okay may I ask who?- -My boyfr... I mean ex boyfriend- -Oh I see well don't be sad c'mon I still have one more place we need to visit today!- -Okay lets go- We went to the toweric arc de triomphe. It was adorned with different sculptures. It was so cool. I took some photos of it. We payed and climbed to the top. It was sunset so the view was more beautiful. We could see all of Paris from up there. -Wow this is awesome- I said -I know!- said Jessica We stayed there enjoying the view till they told us we had to go. It was almost 8 o'clock. I payed a taxi and I first dropped Jessica at her house and then went to dads house. I walked in and saw dad sitting in the couch looking a bit frustrated. -What wrong?- I ask walking towards him he looked at me -Adriana you're here you are ok!- he said giving me a hug I hugged him back -Yeah I'm here you knew I went sight seeing today- I said confused -Yeah but it was getting late and you didn't answer your phone so I got worried- -Sorry about that I had my phone on silence I didn't knew you called- -It's ok you're here now that all that matter- I smiled at him. -Well I'm tired it was a long day I'm going to my room- -Ok goodnight!- I went to my room. I changed to my pjs and sat on my bed. I called mom and told her about my day and everything I saw and I told her about Jessica. After a while I hung up. I then called Ally and she was happy I called. She told me the boys were sad because I left without saying goodbye and that Harry wasn't doing so good that obviously put me really sad and I wanted to cry. I told ally I had to go. I couldn't decide if I should call Harry or not I mean what am I going to say to him? I wanted to hear his voice so bad. After a while I decided not to call him and went to sleep. A.N. I'm so so sorry that I haven't update in a while I've been busy but I promise I will update more sooner. I know this chapter isn't so good but it's just a filler I'm working on another chapter that I know you will like! Something is gonna happen between Harry and Adriana what could it be!?!? Guess you'll have to wait to find out anyway ill try to post the next chapter tomorrow if not ill post it on Thursday. Well that's it thanks for reading!

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