My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


28. shopping for a prom dress

Adriana's P.O.V.

These last weeks had been really hard. Ally was really heart broken. It was really hard for her and she has been depressed this last weeks. But she's doing better. I've been with her all the time. At first it was really hard. Ally didn't wanted to go to school because she wasn't ready to face John. Then when we finally got her to go to school she got suspended for a week. Why? Well she was still mad and hurt and when she saw John flirting with another girl at lunch she got mad and went to him started insulting him then she slapped him really hard on the face two times and then for the grand finally before leaving she picked up the plate of spaghetti he was eating and smashed it in his face. To say we were all surprised was an understatement. The only bad thing was that someone recorded it and the principal saw it and Ally got suspended. After that me and the guys always keep and eye on her when she's close to John so she doesn't do anything stupid again. Even though I enjoyed watching the scene and John face was priceless but if she does it again she can get in serious problems so we make sure she doesn't do it again. She's doing a lot better now, she's finally moving on. Even though she's fine now I don't think she's ready to date anyone for a while. Today we're going dress shopping for prom that's in a few weeks. She should be here to pick me up soon. I went downstairs to the kitchen and made some toast with Nutella then I went to find mom. I finally found her in the backyard sitting next to the pool talking to someone on the phone. I decided not to disturb her and went inside to the living room. I turned on the t.v. and scrolled through the channels trying to find something good to watch. I settle down for spongebob because it's been a while since I last saw it and because who doesn't like spongebob. I felt someone sat down next to me I look and saw it was mom.

-Can't believe you still watch that-

-Your never too old to watch cartoons-


-By the way I forgot to tell you that I'm going shopping today with Ally for a prom dress-

-Oh okay, do you have money or do you need my credit card?-

-It's ok dad send me some money to buy the dress-

-Oh yeah I forgot, we'll have fun shopping-

-Thanks I will-

She stayed with me watching spongebob but after a while she got up and left. I look at my phone and see its 12:17 Ally was supposed to come pick me up at 11:00. I decided to call her. After four rings she picked up.

-Hello- said ally

-Hey, did something happen you were supposed to pick me up a long time ago-

-Sorry about that but I overslept anyway I'm almost at your house-

-Ok we'll see ya-

With dad I hung up. I grabbed my purse and went to the kitchen were mom was.

-I'm leaving now, I'll be home by dinner with Ally oh and remember the guys are coming too ok?-

-Yeah ok, bye honey-

-Bye mom-

I got out of the house and Ally was already waiting for me. I got in the car and she started to drive to the mall.

-Ready to go shopping!- said All

-Hell yeah, I'm ready!-

With that we left. I turned up the radio and we started singing All about that bass- by Meghan Trainor. When we got to the mall we went straight to the boutique and started searching for a dress we liked. I found a lot of beautiful dresses but they were all too expensive. I ain't gonna pay $400.00 for a dress I'm most likely going to use one time and that's all. I was going to ask something to Ally when my phone started ringing. It was Harry I picked it up.


-Hey Adri, are you busy?-

-You could say so, why?-

-Me and the guys are bored so we thought that you and Ally could come and we will do something together-

-Sorry Harry but me and Ally are shopping, we are gonna buy our prom dresses today-

-Oh ok well we will see you later-

-Ok bye Love You-

-Love you too-

With that I hung up and me and Ally kept searching. An hour passed and I think between me and Ally we had tried on every single dress and we still don't have the one we want. We walked out of the store and went to the next one. There Ally found the dress she wanted. It was absolutely beautiful and it fitted her perfectly. After that we decided to take a break and went to the food court. We bought some food and sat down to eat it. We were chatting and eating happily when I heard some call my name. I turned around and saw Harry and the rest of the guys coming towards us.

-Hey, what are you doing here?-

-Well when you called and told me you were dress shopping for prom we realized that none of us had buy the tuxedos we were going to wear for prom so we decided to came I was actually going to call you to ask you were you were-said Harry

-Oh ok so did you buy them?-

-Yeah, how about you two are you done?-

-Ally already buy her dress I still haven't found one-

-Oh Cmon how hard can it be-

-Really hard-

-Well now that we are here we can help you-

-Yeah sure if you want-

We all walked to the next store.

-Ok first who finds me a dress that I like and look good in it wins!- I said

-Wins what?- asked Louis

-I don't know didn't think of that-

-Whatever just start looking for a dress- said Ally

-Ok, any specific things you want it to have-

-It has to be a long dress and it could be any color except yellow or orange-


We all started looking for a dress and let me tell you that guys have a really bad taste in clothes. I think they brought to me every dress they saw that wasn't yellow of orange without looking if it was ugly or not. Finally Ally found a dress that I liked. I went to try it on and it fitted me perfectly. I fell in love with the dress. I look at the price and it wasn't that expenses I could afford it. I went to show it to the rest of the guys and they all said I look great. Of course I didn't let Harry see me in it he had to wait till prom day. I buy the dress and we leaved the store.

-I think is not fair that everybody saw you in the dress except me!-

-That's the point Harry! For you to be surprised when you see me-

-Whatever, I still think it's not fair-

-Too late now you have to wait-


-You guys are coming to my house to dinner right?-

-Yeah- they all said

-Ok we'll see you at the house- I said getting in the car with Ally

-I can't wait till prom day were both going to look fabulous- said Ally

-I know! It's gonna be so much fun!-

-Finally this year is almost over, I can't wait for the summer!-

-Yeah it's gonna be awesome-

We soon arrived at my house. The guys coming right behind us. We enter the house and mom was in the kitchen.

-Hey, can you guys set up the table the food is almost done-

We set up the table and sat down some mom brought the food. We started eating and chatting.

-So girls did you bought the dresses?-asked mom

-Yeah and their beautiful-

-That's great I want to see them later-


-And you guys have you buy you tuxedos yet?-asked mom

-Yeah we bought them today too-said Harry

When we were finished mom brought the dessert.

-Ok so you guys can go watch a movie or something I'm gonna clean up the dishes-said mom

We went to the living room and put on a movie. I cuddle next to Harry on the couch. Zayn, Niall and Liam were on the other couch and Ally and Louis were on the floor. We were watching into the storm. When it was over the guys left.

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