My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


18. Paris

Harry's P.O.V.

It's been 5 days since Adriana left. It's been so hard being without her. I miss her so much. All of this days all I have done is go to school and then come back home and spend all my time in my room. I've been thinking a lot. Would she come come back? Why didn't she at least call me? What if something happened to her? What if I'm never gonna see here again? Those question had been in my mind all week. I wish I had an answer to them. The guys say I'm depressed but I know I'm not I'm just sad because I lost her! Because I was so stupid that I let her go. Katy comes here almost everyday I swear one of this days I'm gonna close the door in her face and not let her in. I cant even see her I used to not like her now I hate her and she knows it. Today is Friday. I'm sitting in my room. The guys are with Ally at the movies but I didn't go. First because I'm not in the mood and second because Ally is still mad at me. I swear she wants to kill me! Every time I'm with her and the guys she glares at me and doesn't say a word to me. I was sitting in my bed listening to music and playing on my phone when mom entered the room with some food. I turned off the radio when she sat on my bed. She already knew what happened with Adriana or whatever lie Katy told her.

-Harry I know she broke up with you but if she moved on you can too is not the end of the world there are millions of girls out there!-

-Yeah but there's only one Adriana and its my fault she broke up with me!-

-That you are in a relationship doesn't mean that you can't talk to other girls I know she can get jealous but that's not a reason for her to break up with you-

-Mom Katy kissed me and Adriana saw us that's what happened and she thought I cheated on her which I kind of did and that was something that really hurt her because her father did the same to her mom and then left her and I promised to her I wouldn't cheat I lost her over a stupid mistake that was your fault in the first place for leaving Katy here with me!- I said to mom raising my voice a little bit since I was getting mad

-I didn't knew that I'm so sorry Harry-

-I lost the best thing that's ever happened to me and I can't even try to get her back because she's in Paris with her dad now and I may never see her again- 

-I feel like this is really my fault I didn't knew you cared that much about her I shouldn't have let Katy stay-

-It's ok mom there's nothing we can do-

She gave me a sad smile and left the room. I stayed there. I feel bad for kind of blaming mom but I was right if she hadn't let Katy stay none of this would have happened. I just wish I could do something about it. I stayed there doing nothing for about two hours it was 5:30 now. Mom came into my room looking really excited. What's wrong with her? She sat down on my bed next to me. 

-I have some good news for you!-

-Oh yeah that's great- I said trying to sound excited but failing miserably

-Yes and I'm sure you're gonna love what I'm about to tell you!-

-Can you just tell me already- I said getting annoyed

-WE ARE GOING TO PARIS!!!- she said excitedly 

-WHAT?!? This can't be real you are messing with me!- 

-No I had a business trip there in two weeks and I called and told them if I could go sooner and they said I could go tomorrow so I booked us a flight to Paris we leave tomorrow at 7am to Paris so you can try fix things with Adriana I'm going to stay for a week but you are only staying for the weekend so you have two days to try to get her back!-

-Why are you doing this? I thought you didn't want me to be with Adriana- I said confused

-Yeah well I don't know it was my fault that you two split up and I see you miss her a lot and I'm judging her without even knowing her so I guess I was wrong and made a mistake so I'm trying to make it up to you so stop talking before I change my mind-


-Well I'm gonna start packing you better do the same if you want to go!-

She left my room and I started packing. I couldn't believe it I'm gonna see her again. I don't know how but I'm gonna get her back. When I finish packing I sat on my bed and called Liam.

-Liam I need a favor from you and the guys-I said

-What is it?- said Liam

-I need you to ask Ally the address of Adriana in Paris-


-Because I'm going there to try to win her back-

-Ok mate ill see what I can do-

-Ok thanks-

I hung up and started doing something else. Half and hour later I hear someone banging at the door really hard. I'm glad mom isn't home she left to buy some things she needed for the trip because shell be mad. I went downstairs and opened the door to see a mad looking Ally. Oh oh what did I do know??? I only told Liam to ask her for her address! I saw the boys running toward my house when she kills me they are gonna know who did it. 

-You idiot! You cheat on her and leave her heart broken and now that it has passed almost a week you ask me her address! What are you magically gonna fly to Paris to make her life more miserably! Asshole!-

-Ally listen to me!-

-No you listen to me you think with just going to Paris you are going to get her back again then break her heart again no I'm not gonna let that happen so you better leave her alone understand me!-

-Why you girls have to be so stubborn! I didn't mean to cheat on her it was an accident I know I made a mistake but I'm trying to do something to get her back because I love her Ally! 

She looked at me for a while.

-ok I'm gonna help you get her address but I'm gonna tell you something break her heart again Styles and it's not gonna be pretty this time I'm not gonna let the guys stop me you got that clear?- she said looking at me and then at the rest of the guys

-Yeah ok- I said

I need to thank the guys later because they saved me from whatever Ally was going to do to me sometimes she can be aggressive. She called Adriana and asked her for her address to "send her a letter" then she gave it to me. They stayed with me for a while then left. 

-Good luck mate!- they all said before they left

I went to try to sleep for a while but I couldn't I was just thinking. Will all of this will be just waste of time? Did she moved on already? Does she still want to be with me? Will she truly forgive me? Is she gonna come back or is she going to stay?  So many questions running through my mind. We leaved my house at 5:30am to go to the airport. We got to the airport in and hour. We quickly boarded the plane. I put on some music and sleep all the way. We got to Paris at 10am. We took a taxi and it took us two hours to get to the hotel. It was now 12am. I quickly grab my phone and some money from my luggage and told mom I was going to see Adriana. I called a taxi and went to the address Ally gave me. I hope she gave me the right one. We stopped in front of a house. I told the man to wait a second in case she didn't wanted to see me I could leave. I went to the door and knocked. I waited and soon a lady open the door. I recognize her she was at the airport that day.

-Hi, how can I help you?-

-Um is Adriana here?-

She looked at me for a while.

-No she isn't, have I seen you before?-

-Um I think at the airport-

-oh yeah I know You are the boy who tried to stop Adriana at the airport the one she told me about!-

So she has talked about me.


-Aww that so sweet you came here looking for her!-

-Yeah not to be rude or anything but I really need to know where she is-

-Right well I'm not sure but she usually goes to the Eiffel Tower to meet with her friend Jessica and I thought they were going to Le marauding that is and old street that they love to go so I'm sure she's in one of those places-

-Okay well thanks-

-Yeah good luck!-

I got in the taxi again and told him to go to the Eiffel Tower. Once I was there I payed him and went to see if she was around but I didn't saw her. I went up the Eiffel Tower and saw her on her phone. She looked beautiful as always I didn't knew what to say. I started to walk towards her and she still hadn't see me. Suddenly she turned back and saw me. She was so shocked at first that almost dropped her phone. She kept looking at me and I did the same not knowing what to do or say.

-Harry? Is that really you or am I going crazy?- she said almost in a whisper

-Adriana I-I came here to tell you that I love you and to please come back to me-

Suddenly she walk to me and hugged me. I hugged her back instantly. It feel so good having her back in my arms. I love her so much.

-I love you too!- she said 
-Please tell me this isn't a dream that you really are here- she said sounding sad

-It's not I couldn't stand being apart from you Adriana this days without you have been horrible I need you in my life-

-I missed you so much! I didn't knew what to do I wanted to call you but I didn't knew what to say and I don't know I'm sorry-

-It's okay-

I was still hugging her and I didn't want to let her go but I knew we we couldn't  stay like this forever.

-Lets go to a little cafe that's close here so we can talk- she said


I followed her to the cafe and I ordered some coffee for both of us. We sat in a booth.

-So did you read the letter I gave you at the airport- 

She nodded looking at her coffee.

-Do you believe me?-

-For a strange reason I do believe you-

-So can you forgive me?- I said grabbing her hand and looking at her in the eyes

-Yeah I forgive you- she said honestly

I smiled at her. 

-I can't believe you came all the way here for me-

-I would do anything for you!- I said 

She suddenly got really serious.

-Harry I really appreciate you coming here and I missed you so much I still can't believe you are here and I'm glad you are because I wanted to see you but I don't think I'm ready to be in a relationship with you again I'm not saying we will never get back together because honestly I love you with all my heart and believe me this isn't easy for me either but I think we should stay friends for a while so I can be sure you're not gonna cheat again please understand it- she said looking down about to cry

I'm not gonna lie those words broke my heart. She only want us as friends but if being only friends with her is what I have to do then that's what I'm going to do I'm not gonna loose her again I love her.

-I understand ill stay friends with you till you are ready to be my girlfriend again-

-Thanks Harry- she said coming to me and hugging me.
-I thought you were just gonna leave and not talk to me again-

-I would never leave you Adriana-

-Thanks it means a lot Harry-

We stayed there talking just enjoin each others company. It's was almost night by now. 

-So Adriana I need to ask you a question-

-What is it?-

-Are you coming back to Holmes chapel with me?-

-You mean tomorrow?-


-I don't know I was supposed to be back next week-

-Wait a minute you were coming back next week?-

-Yeah didn't Ally told you?- 

-No I thought you moved here and you were never gonna come back-

-Oh well sorry-

-It's ok so that means you are staying here?-

-Well I guess so but only for one more week and then ill be back-

-Okay, the guys were mad because you didn't even said goodbye to them-

She looked guilty.

-Oh well I didn't knew if they were with you so I didn't called them or anything-

-It's Ok I'm sure they will get over it-

-Yeah I hope so-

-I think we should get going its getting late-


We stand up and left. I got a taxi and drop off Adriana at her house then wen to the hotel. I went to me and moms room and realized I didn't have the key this is just great. I knocked on the door and luckily mom was there. 

-Finally you are here I was getting worried c'mon in!-

I entered the room an she closed the door.

-So how did it go with Adriana?- mom asked

-Well she was happy to see me and we talked about it and she said that we should stay friends for a while till she is ready to date me-

-Oh okay-

-Yeah I'm just happy she forgave me and we will be together soon I know it-

-I'm tired I'm going to bed-

-Okay mom good night-

I stayed up watching tv and feel asleep on the couch.


I know I told you I was gonna update Thursday but I couldn't I'm really sorry but here's the chapter. Hope you like it. 

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