My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


25. Meeting Harrys mom part 1

Harry's P.O.V.

  It's been two weeks since me and Adriana got back together and I'm glad to say that everything is going great. I was going to take Adriana to a date today. I look at the time and it was 11:43 I told her I'll be at her house at 12:00 to pick. I grab my phone and some money then put on my shoes and went downstairs.  

-Hey mom-  

-Hey Harry, going somewhere?-  

-Yeah I'm gonna take Adriana on a date-  

-Okay well I think I'm going out today then since you are gonna be gone I can go shopping and then go eat something with Katy's mom-

-Yeah it's ok I'm leaving now-  

-okay take care-

  I got in my car and when to pick up Adriana. I knocked on the door and her mom answered.  

-Hello Harry what are you doing here?-  

-I'm here to pick up Adriana-  

-Oh okay she will be down in a minute want to come in?-  


I entered the house and went to the living room. 

  -I'm glad things between you and Adriana are good again-  

-Yeah me too- I said smiling

  -You really love her don't you?-  

-Yes ma'am with all my heart-  

-I'm really glad she found someone like you, please take care of her-  

-I promise I won't let anything happen to her-  

She smiled at me.

-I'm going to tell Adriana to hurry up-  


I sat there waiting, not long after Adriana finally came down. She looked amazing as always.  

-Hey- said Adriana giving me a peck on the lips

-Hey, ready to go?-  


We got in the car.   

-So we're are we going?- she asked  

-We are going to get some lunch and then we can decide what else to do-  

-Okay sounds good-  

We went to a small cafe in town. We both ordered our food.  

-So what else we can do?- Adriana asked  

-I don't know, is there something you want to do-  

-Maybe we can go to the beach, walk around for a bit-  

-Yeah that sounds good-  

Our food came and we started to eat while talking. After we were done I paid and we went to the beach. It's was a short drive there. I took off my shoes and Adriana did the same. I grab her hand and we started walking  around the beach talking.  

-So what are you planning to do when we graduate?- I asked her  

-I'm still not sure I was thinking about taking a year off before going to college I wanted to use that time to travel a little around the world but I don't have the money to do it so I'll just stay here enjoy that year as much as I can-   

-Oh okay that sounds good-  

-What about you?-  

-I don't know it may seem crazy but I always wanted to be a singer so I was thinking of going to audition for the X factor-  

-That sounds great you have an amazing voice, I'll be your number one fan-    

I smiled at her. We kept talking about random things till it started raining.  

-You have got to be kidding me we are really far from the car- Adriana said   

We both started running to the car. By the time we got there we were both completely soaked I think we are both gonna catch a cold. Adriana was laughing.  

-Why are you laughing?- I asked her  

-Nothing- she said holding her laugh   

I looked at her and raised an eyebrown.  

-C'mon open the car before I catch a cold-  

I open the car and we both get in.  

-Ok now tell me why were you laughing-  

-You were running like a girl!- she said and burst of laughing again  

-Very Funny Adriana-  

-I'm not Kidding- she said  

I glared at her.

-I do not run like a girl!-  

-Whatever gets you through the day- she said laughing I laughed too.

-Way to treat your boyfriend-

She just stuck her tongue at me.  

I started driving back. it started raining really hard and I couldn't see very well were I was driving. I saw we were near my house. Thank god because I don't want to have an accident. I parked my car in the garage and we both got out of the car. We were both still soaking wet. We got inside the house and went to my room. I grab a white shirt and my smallest pair of boxers.  

-Here go change because I don't think you want to stay in that wet clothes and guessing by the weather you will be stuck here for a while- I said handing her the clothes

she took them I showed her where the bathroom was and told her I was going to change in the other one.    

Adriana's P.O.V.  

I put on the clothes Harry have to me. The boxers were a little big on me but they managed to not fall off and the shirt was 3 sizes too big obviously I kept on my underwear. I got off the bathroom and Harry was still changing. I saw his iPod connected to a radio. I went to were it was and searched for a song I liked. I found Only girl in the world by Rihanna. I put it on and turned the volume really high. I grab the tv remote control and started singing and dancing. I got really into the song and before I knew it I was in Harrys bed pretending I was Rihanna.  

-I want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world. Like I'm the one you'll ever love. Like I'm the only one who owns your heart. only girl in the world!-   

Harry then entered the room wearing some grey sweatpants and a black shirt. He turned the volume down.   

-Hey that was my jam, I was really into the song- I said sitting in the bed pouting   

-You just got your cast removed yesterday I don't want you to fall and break your leg again besides I have a better idea-  

-And that is?-  

-Wait a minute- he said looking through his iPod  

-ok- I said sitting in his bed looking at him.  

He put on some slow music.  

-Want to dance my lady?-   

He offered me his hand and I took it. I stood up and he put his arm around my waist bringing me closer and I put my arms around his neck. We started dancing around his room.   

-ok this is better than me dancing and singing like a retarded person-  

-In my opinion your dancing is pretty good but your singing I can't say the same-  

-Well not everybody is born with that talent!-  

-I know-  

-Besides I bet they are people out there that sing way more horrible that I ever could-  

-If you say so-  

I glared at him.  

-I'm just kidding babe-  

-You better be- I said pretending to be mad  

-Cmon I was joking-  

-It's ok I know-  

We kept dancing for a while till we heard some thunder and the lights went off but came back quickly. I let out a scream.  

-You are afraid of thunder- he said holding back a laugh  

-No I'm not but I don't like them either-  


We went downstairs to the living room to watch some t.v. We were cuddling in the couch watching The Avengers when we felt a car enter the driveway. I looked at Harry and then I ran to his room.  

-Harry I can't meet your mom right now!-  

-There's nothing more we can do Adri she's here and you can't go it's still raining pretty badly-  

-Harry I can tell she doesn't like me and me being here in your clothes while she's gone doesn't help me at all Harry this is gonna end bad I can feel it-  

-Don't worry no matter what she says nothing between us is going to change the fact that I love you-  

-Fine I just hope your right-  

He took my hand and gave me a peck on the lips.  

-Everything's gonna be fine, I promise-  

With that we got out of his room and went downstairs.   

Harrys P.O.V.  

We entered the kitchen and saw mom drinking a glass of juice.  

-Mom this is Adriana- I said  

-Hi- Adriana said shyly  

Mom looked at her with a straight face

-Hi I'm Anne- she said  

-Nice to meet you Anne-  

-Harry can I talk to you for a minute-she said   


I followed her outside the kitchen.   

-Why is she in your clothes?-  

-Mom we didn't do anything your thinking about we were at the beach and it started raining since we were far from the car we both got wet and came here and I give her some clothes to change then we watched a movie that's it-  

She looked at me.  

-How long is she staying here?-  

-I don't know but one thing is for sure I'm not gonna let her go while is raining she lives pretty far and I can't drive because we might have an accident-  

-Okay but I'm warning you Katy and her mom are coming to dinner-  

-Mom I don't think is a good idea she was the reason we broke up-  

-I already invited her I can't just cancel it because she's here!-  

-Fine then I'm having dinner with Adriana in my room-  

-No you're not-  

-But mom!-  

-Harry I'm running out of patience just do what I say for once-  

-Fine I'll do it if you promise to be nice to Adriana-  

-Ok fine-  

We entered the kitchen and I saw Adriana sitting in one of the chairs very bored.  

-Cmon lets go finish watching the movie- I said to Adriana   


We went to the living room and sat down in the couch.  

-Is there something wrong?- she asked  

I looked at her and sighed.

-Mom invited Katy and her mom to dinner-  

-Oh I think is better if I go then-  

-No you're not going is still raining pretty bad and I don't want anything happening to you!-  

-Ugh I don't know why I listen to you tonight it's gonna be a really long night-   

I put my arms around her bringing her closer. We kept watching the movie. Like always she ended up falling asleep. I checked the time and it's was still 4:00pm dinner was at 7:00pm so I decided to take a nap. I got as comfortable as I could with Adriana in the couch. Not long after I fell asleep.  

< 3 hours later >  

I feel someone shaking my head. I opened my eyes and mom was the one shaking my head.   


-Dinner is ready and Katy and her mom are gonna be here soon so wake her up and come to the kitchen as soon as possible-  


I can't believe mom was acting so cold towards Adriana. She's the most sweetest and gentle person I know I thought she and mom would get along really well. Is a shame she believes everything Katy said. I sighed and looked at Adriana.  

-Adri wake up dinner is ready- I said in her ear.  

She opened her eyes and looked at me.  

-Can't we just stay here?- she asked  

-As much as I liked that I don't think mom will agree-  

-Fine- she said sitting up. 

-Wait I must look terrible right now and I'm in your clothes I can't go like that it will only make things worse if Katy's mom sees me like this-  

-You look fine besides there's no clothes for you to change-  

-I can put my old clothes they should be dry by now-   -Ok, hurry up before mom comes yelling to us-  

We went to my room quickly.   

Adriana's P.O.V.  

I went to the bathroom and changed to the clothes I had earlier which were some shorts and a pink top. I look in the mirror and my hair was a mess I quickly put it in a side braid. Ok now I look decent.  

-Ok I'm ready, let's go- I said to Harry when I got of the bathroom  

I took her hand and we went downstairs to the dinning room. When we enter we saw Katy and her mom sitting at the table. Katy looked shocked to see me there. She glared at me. I sat next to Harry and in front of me was Katy's mom. Soon Harrys mom came with the food. We started eating.  

-So you are Harrys girlfriend?-asked Katy's mom  

I blushed.


-Nice to meet you I'm Madison-  

-I'm Adriana-  

-You've got a Lovely girlfriend Harry- said Madison  

He smiled and took my hand and kissed it. 

-I know right-  

Katy stood up looking really mad. By now all of us were looking at her.  

-I'm sorry, mom I'm going I don't feel very well-  

-Ok, don't forget the umbrella is still raining-  

-I know-  

She left and we all kept eating in silence. Soon Madison and Anne were talking about who knows what. I turned my attention to Harry.  

-I can't believe Katy left like that- I said quietly to Harry in case someone was hearing us  

-Yeah me neither-  

-She's probably Jealous-  


We kept eating. When we were done Katy's mom left. Me and Harry did the dishes then went to the living room. Harrys mom was sitting in one of the couches so me and Harry sat at the other. We watched some random tv show with her. She didn't talk very much. When it was getting late she stood up.  

-I think is time we all go to bed, Adriana since I didn't knew you were staying I didn't have time to get all the boxes and stuff out of the guest room I hope you don't mind sleeping on the couch-  

-No not at all-  

-Mom she can sleep with me I have no problem with sharing a bed with her-Harry said  

-No that would be inappropriate and she said she didn't mind sleeping on the couch-  

-Ugh ok- he said  

Harry went to his room and leaves me with Harrys mom. I stood there just looking at my feet I didn't knew what to do.  

-I'm gonna go get you a blanket and a pillow- said Harrys mom   


Harry came back down.   

-Here is the shirt and boxers you had on earlier change into them their more comfortable-  

I took the clothes and went to the bathroom. When I went back to the living room Harrys mom gave me the blanket and the pillow then left. I turned off the lights and got comfortable on the couch. I started to think. Why does Harrys mom doesn't like me. I mean what could have Katy possibly told her that she hated me so much. she at least should have give me a chance to prove I was a good person. I guess there's nothing I can do except to act as nice as possible towards her. My thought were interrupted by thunder. What a day today. Great day to have a storm coming. I was about to fall asleep when I feel someone coming down the stairs. I really hope is not Anne. I kept waiting for someone to enter the living room. I was relieved when I saw it was Harry.  

-What are you doing here?- I asked  

-I don't want you to sleep here alone- he said  

-Don't worry I think I can survive one night-  

-Come with me to my room-  

-I think your mom would kill me-  

-Ok fine wait a minute- he said standing up and leaving  

What is he up to now. I sat down waiting to see what Harry was gonna do. Soon Harry came back with a lot of blankets and some pillows. I look at him confused.  

-What are you gonna do?-  

-I'm sleeping here with you-  

-Harry you are crazy-  

-Yeah I am crazy for you-  

He moved the coffee table and put the blankets on the floor next to the couch then he put on some pillows and laid down on the floor.  

-C'mon- he said patting the spot next to him.  

I laid down beside him.   

-Good night- I said   


To be continued....

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