My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


22. hide and seek

Adriana's P.O.V.

Today is Saturday and I invited the guys and Ally over to my house because none of us had anything better to do. They should be here any minute. I sat on one of the beach chairs using my phone till I heard someone coming. I put my phone in the table next to me and stand up and saw Harry running towards me. He suddenly pick me up and the next thing I knew we were both at the pool.

-Harry you idiot!- I said laughing

The boys were laughing at us. Louis took of his shirt and started to run to the pool then screamed cannonball and jumped in the pool. The rest did the same. We were all in the pool except for Ally. She was sitting on a beach chair.

-Hey Louis c'mon here-I said

-What- said Louis

-I bet you 5 bucks that you can't make Ally jump in the pool-


He got of the pool and went to Ally. I was laughing at him trying to convince Ally. I know she's not gonna come in the pool because she straightened her hair before coming here.

-What's so funny?-

-Louis thinks he can convince Ally to jump in the pool but she won't do it because she straightened her hair before coming here-

-Why is he trying to convince her?-

-Because I bet him 5 bucks that he couldn't make her jump in the pool-

-I think he will find a way to get her in the pool-

-Nah I don't think so-

Soon I hear someone screaming. I look up and see Louis with Ally in his shoulders walking towards the pool. When he was close enough he throw her in the pool.

-Told you I could get her in the pool- screamed Louis

Oh oh Ally is gonna get mad if she finds out I dared Louis to get her in the pool.

-Now pay up Adriana-

Ally glared at me.


-I told him to make you jump because I knew you wouldn't do it I didn't told him to pick you up and throw you-

-Either way it was your fault!-

-I'm sorry I'll straighten your hair tomorrow!-

-You better do it!-


-So where's my 5 bucks?- said Louis

-You're not getting them I told you to make her come not throw her-

-Not fair!-

We stayed there till it was almost night. We entered the house, took a bath and changed. After we were all done we went to the kitchen to eat the dinner mom had made us. After we were done we went to the living room.

-Now what do we do?- said Zayn

We all shrugged not knowing what to do.

-We could go to the park- said Niall

-Yeah sure, let's go!- I said

I got up and went to tell mom that me and the guys were going to the park. When I got to the living room Ally told us she was meeting John so she had to go. That means it was just me and the guys. We started walking to the park. When we got there not many people were there since it was getting kind of late. We walked around for a while talking and laughing.

-I have an idea!- said Louis

-What?- said Zayn

-We can play hide and seek in the park!-

-Don't you think that a little childish- said Liam

-You're never to old to play hide and seek besides its more fun than to keep walking- said Louis

-Well you're right- said Liam

-Ok so who wants to play?- said Louis

-I'm in- I said

-Me too- Harry said

-What about you Zayn and Niall?-

-I'll do it- said Niall

-Got nothing better to do so I'm in- said Zayn

-Guess I'm in too- said Liam

-Ok go hide and I'll seek-


Everybody started running in different directions while Louis counted. I didn't know where to hide. I started walking to some bushes to hide there when I was closed someone pulled my hand and I fell in top of him/her. I look up and it was Harry. I was about to yell at him for doing it but he put a hand on my mouth and point something. I look to where he was pointing and see Louis coming. We stayed still till Louis passed us.

-Don't do that again you scared me!-I whispered

-Sorry-he said

That's when I noticed I was still in top of him. I look at him and he was staring at me. I got lost in his beautiful green eyes. He started to lean in. This was it I was going to kiss him for the first time since I came back from Paris. I closed my eyes but instead of feeling his lips connect with mine I feel him moving away from me. I look up and he just stand up and walked away.

Why didn't he kissed me? I didn't knew what to feel I was mad and sad but most of all I was confused. I mean why did he not kiss me? Does that mean he doesn't like me anymore? What's gonna happen between us? Are we still friends or does he don't want to see me anymore?

My thought were interrupted when Louis screamed that he found me. Then he sat down next to me.

-Is everything alright?- he asked

-Yeah everything's fine, did you found the others?-

-Yeah c'mon let's go it's getting late-

I stand up and we walked to where the rest of the guys were. I notice Harry wasn't there.

-Where's Harry?- I asked Louis

He shrugged.

-I don't know he just said he needed to go-


They walked me home then left. I went to my room and lay in my bed thinking about what happened.

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