My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


27. He broke up with you?!?

Adriana's P.O.V.

I was currently cuddling in my bed with Harry talking about random things that had happened to us when we were little.

-I remember Ally and I would always find a way to get in trouble by pranking our parents. Ally was the one who came with the ideas and I always got all the things we needed and make sure everything went as planned. I remember one time when we were eight years old our families were having a barbecue in my house and we got bored so we started planning on doing a prank to our dads. I went to were they were and started asking them questions and while they were paying attention to me Ally put hot sauce in their drinks after she was done I said ok I understand now and left with Ally. I remember they spitting the drinks. They instantly knew it was us. Then after that we started playing with a dog I had that sadly already died. We started playing with the dog throwing the ball. Mom had just finished putting the food in the table and was about to call us to eat when we throw the ball and it landed on the mashed potatoes the dog run to the table to get the ball and he broke the table in half and all the food went flying. I remember how mad our parents were they punished us for almost two weeks. Those were the good times- I said

-Wow you really were trouble makers-


-Me and the guys used to get in a lot of trouble too specially in school. One time we had a group project when we were ten years old. I remember it was about what we wanted to do when we grow up. So me and the guys went dressed as policemen and carry some water guns with us and when we ended we splashed everyone with water. We got in big trouble for that- said Harry

-That must have been hilarious-

-Yeah it was-

I was about to tell him something else when we heard someone knock at the door. That's weird mom is at work and I don't think she would knock.

-Did you invite someone?- asked Harry

-Not that I remember- I said

We both stood up and went to answer the door. I was shocked at what I saw. It was Ally and she was a sobbing mess. I quickly pull her in and take her to my room. I sat on the bed hugging her while she was crying. We stay in silence till she calmed down a bit.

-I'm sorry if I interrupted something- she said looking at me and Harry

-No it's ok we were just talking- I said and Harry nodded.

-Oh ok-

-What's wrong?- I asked

She looked at me then at Harry but she said nothing just looked down. I could see tears streaming down her face. She stayed in silence for a while.

-John broke up with me. This morning on our one year anniversary-

-HE WHAT?!?, WHY??- I said

-I don't know- she said looking around kind of nervous. She's lying I know.

-I know you are lying Ally if it's for Harry he can go right now and we can talk properly-

-No it's ok he can stay I bet he's gonna find out anyway-

-Okay so why don't you want to tell me?-

-It's kind of hard for me to say-

-Ok take your time we'll be here to hear you when your ready-

She sighed.

-Better sooner than later I guess. Well I was at home getting ready for our date today and he told me to meet him at his house instead of the park where we were supposed to meet. I didn't think anything of it so I finished getting ready and then went to his house. I saw he was only in sweatpants and looked kind of nervous. I asked him what was wrong and he just told me to come in. I did as told and enter his apartment. He told me to sit down then told me that he was breaking up with me. At first I couldn't believe it. I asked him why he was breaking up with me. Do you know what he said? That stupid son of a bitch said it was all fake. That he never loved me it was just a way to get close to you...-

I cut her off.

-What? I don't understand! Why would he want to get close to me?- I said angry at him

-He was in love with you. He told me you didn't pay attention to him. He was trying to find a way to get to talk to you. He heard that I liked him so he thought if he started hanging out with me he would get close to you and maybe he will get you to fall in love with him. But then he realized that you were in love with Harry. He thought that by being with me he would get over you. But that didn't work and he never got over you. He said that he didn't want to hurt me that's why he didn't want to break up with me and that's why he let things go so far. I was so mad. He should have stopped this long time ago because then it wouldn't hurt so much. I just spend one year of my life living in a lie. All those dates, the times we spent together, all those times he said he loved me. It was all fake a fucking lie. All those times when I ditched you to be with him. When you needed me the most I was with that fucking liar. All those times when I stopped doing what I was doing to be with him. Thinking he was the one and we were gonna get married some day. That I was going to form a family with him. But you know what hurts the most I stopped being my self I changed for him for nothing-she said looking angry and hurt crying again

I couldn't believe it. This was just I couldn't even explain it. That asshole how could he do this! I would have never thought he would do something like that to her. Also I couldn't believe he liked me. But the worst of all hurt my best friend.

-I know this is hard and nothing I say will make things better but don't worry things will get better I promise you- I said hugging her


Me and Harry stayed all day with Ally comforting her, talking with her, helping her in every way we could. It was now eight at night and she left saying she needed some time alone. I complained that she shouldn't be alone but she didn't listen so I let her go with the condition that she would call me if she needed something. After she left I went with Harry to Johns house if he thinks he can break my best friend heart and get away with it he was wrong. I knocked on the door several times really hard till he opened the door. He was a mess and looks like he's been crying because he's eyes are bloodshot and he's been drinking too seeing the bottle of Vodka in his hand.

-Look if you came to tell me I am and Asshole and that I shouldn't have done that then you can go because I already know and you know what I don't care because to me she was nothing you were the one I want not her-

-You son of a bitch. You shouldn't have done that to her. Why can't you be a fucking man and accept that I didn't like you but instead you went and make her fall in love with you to leave her the day of your anniversary. That's low even for you. I don't want you near her anymore do you understand. She was the greatest thing that ever happened to you and you let her go. Once you realize what you lost your gonna want her back but it's already too late. Now I'm gonna go I already wasted enough of my time with you- I said

-Yeah I don't think that happening anytime soon I never even cared for that bitch-

Ugh I hate him so much. How didn't I realize he was such a jerk. I'm so mad at him. I grab him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him so we were eye to eye.

-Listen you prick, call her a bitch one more time and it isn't gonna be pretty-

-Whatever, just go to your good for nothing boyfriend and wait till he breaks your heart again too-

-Not all men are assholes like you now if you excuse me I already wasted enough of my time I just came to let you now how stupid you are for leaving a person that really cared about you and loved you-

With that I left and went to the car back to Harry.

-So how did it go?- harry asked

-That stupid jerk was drunk as fuck and told me he didn't care about her and even insulted her-

-What an asshole-

-I know-

-She will find someone better eventually-

-Yeah for now I'm gonna be with her and help her get over him-

-That's my girl-

-You know I feel like it's my fault-

-Why? He was the one who hurt her and left her-

-I know but it was because he liked me that all this mess started maybe if I payed more attention I would have realized that he liked me and that he was using Ally and none of this would have happened-

-Look there's no way you would have know because he never told you and besides maybe he would have found a way to be with her anyway so please stop blaming yourself Ally knows it wasn't your fault or else she wouldn't have gone to you-

-Yeah you are right-

-Lets go home today has been a long day-


I am so so sorry for not updating in so long and if there is someone who's still reading this you are awesome and I love you! Anyway this story is almost ending just a few chapters left. I promise I won't take too long to update and I'm thinking about making a sequel what do you guys think? Comment if you think I should do a sequel. Well that's it thanks for reading.

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