My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


5. Harry's birthday

Harry's P.O.V.

 This two weeks have been horrible. Adriana is always with Liam is like their inseparable they're always together. It makes me so mad. I haven't talked much to Liam and I try to ignore Adriana the most I can. Tomorrow is my birthday. I'm not doing anything special I think I'm not gonna do anything at all my parents are on a business trip and the guys are busy. I think I'm gonna stay all day lying in bed playing video games and maybe watching a movie. I went to sleep at 2:00am I have no problem with that since I don't have to do anything tomorrow. I woke up by the sound of something popping in my ear I try to run but end up falling I hear Louis singing happy birthday. I should have know it was him that idiot. He gave me a hug. 

-Happy birthday Hazza-said Louis

 -Thanks boobear- I look up and saw Adriana standing there. 

-Hey Harry happy birthday-she said 

-What are you doing here?- I say clearly annoyed. Now she remembers I exist. After all this time she finally talks to me. She starts to stutter,oh so she thought that I was just going to be happy she came with Louis. 

- I told her to come with me- said Louis glaring at me Oh so he's getting mad at me. Great just what I needed. 

-Um... I'm gonna go now-said Adriana walking out the room.

 -WHY DID YOU DID THAT!!! GO APOLOGIZE!!!-screamed Louis

 -I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO HER!!!- I screamed back

 -NOW!!!-Louis said glaring at me 


-Put on some pants first-

 I looked down and I was only in my boxers. I grab a pair of sweatpants and went downstairs she was about to leave. 

-I'm sorry, I guess I just wasn't expecting you to be here- 

-It's ok- she said looking down Now I feel bad she seems like shes about to cry. -So are you gonna stay?- I asked 

-No I don't wanna bother you, I know you hate me and I don't want to ruin your birthday-

 That words broke my heart. She think I hate her. What have I done I feel horrible. She left and there's nothing I can do to stop her cause I was the one who wanted her to leave in the first place.


 -SHE'S WITH LIAM!!!-I screamed this time


 -I saw them together- 

-If you paid attention you'll know her dad left her and her mom so he could marry another woman and her dad was supposed to come to see her but he didn't came he has more children and she blames herself because she thinks she wasn't a good daughter and that's why her dad left and Liam found her sitting in a bench at the park and he was comforting her and since then they have come really close. But she doesn't like Liam- 

It all makes sense now. I'm such an idiot. I can't believe I just treated her like that I feel horrible. 
-Now what am I going to do Louis?!?- 

-I don't know I had a plan to get you two together but you ruined it by being an asshole and that was going to be my birthday present- 

-What was your plan?-

 -We were going bowling and then when we were on the park I was gonna say I had to go and leave you two alone so you can solve your difference and maybe get together-

 -Oh ok-

 -I can't believe you thought she was with Liam- 

-Why do you say that it could happen-

 -Because Liam likes Danielle- 



-Well it's still your birthday lets do something-

 -Like what?-

 -I don't know, but lets go eat breakfast somewhere because I didn't have time to eat anything-

 -Ok let me go change-

 I went to my room and put some black jeans and a red shirt with my withe converse I grab some money and my purse and went downstairs. 

-Let's go Louis- 

We went to a cafe down the street. We sat at a table an a waiter came. We both ordered pancakes. 

-Didn't you say you had plans for today?- 
-Yeah I was planning you could spend some time with Adriana- 

-Can't you drop the subject I know I messed up- I said getting a little annoyed

 -I'm sorry it's just you didn't have the right to do that to her she didn't do anything to you and you ignore her and act cold towards her and now you totally blow her up- 

-Who's side are you on your best friends side or a girl you met two weeks ago- 

-Oh you mean the girl who you have liked since 7th grade, the girl your always talking about, the girl...- 

-I GET IT- I screamed cutting off Louis -If your gonna keep annoying me you can go- 

He stayed quiet. The waitress brought our food and we are in silence. When we were done we both split the bill and pay. We went to Louis car since I didn't brought mine. 

-Well you still up for bowling?- asked Louis 


 We went bowling it was really fun. I beat Louis 6 times. He wanted to continue playing but I was tired. 

-Your the worst player ever!!-

 -Oh shut up I'm not that bad- 

-You lost 6 times- 

-Yeah I can't believe I didn't won at least one time- 

-I'm just to good playing-

 -You only won because I don't know how to play-

 -What do we do now?- 

-Let's go to Zayn's house-


-Because all the guys are there and we can go clubbing or something- 


We got to Zayn's house. We enter the house and into the kitchen but no one was there. We went to the backyard and they were a lot of people there. When they saw me they screamed Happy Birthday. I went to the guys and thanked them for the surprise party. I grab a drink and started partying with the rest of the guys. 

<<< Next Day >>>

 I woke up with a headache. Last night was pretty good. The guys really know how to throw a party. I went downstairs to the kitchen. I grab some painkillers for the headache and made myself a bowl of cereal. After I was finished I took a bath. I put on a navy blue shirt with some jeans and my black vans. I look at the clock and its was 1:30pm. I think I'm gonna go for a walk. I grab some money and my phone and started to walk to the park. I saw Adriana and Louis walking in the park they were talking then Louis left and Adriana sat on a bench. I remember what happened yesterday. I think it's a good moment to apologize. I walked up to her. She looked at me then look down. 

-What do you want?-she said 

-I'm sorry for acting so cold towards you and ignoring you. And I'm sorry for acting like such a jerk yesterday I really am and I just want you to know that I don't hate you, could you please forgive me?- 

I was so nervous what if she doesn't forgive me. She looked at me and smiled. 

-Sure I forgive you but why did you act like that when I'm around?-

 -It's kind of complicated, lets just leave it like that-

 -Ok-she said a little confused 

-So friends?- I said 

she said smiling I gave her a hug at first she was startled but she hugged back. We talked some more then she had to go. I walked home happy that we were at least friends. I went to the living room and turned on the t.v. I was watching fast and furious 4 when Louis came.

 -Hey Louis what are you doing here?- 

-I came to see how did it go with Adriana- 

-I apologized and she forgive me then we talked till she had to... wait a minute how did you know I was with Adriana?- 

-I saw you walking at the park when I was with Adriana so I said to her that I had to go then I was going to go to you to tell you to apologize to her but I saw you walking towards her and assume you were gonna apologize so I left- 

-Oh okay-

 -Now when are you gonna tell her you like her?-

 -I don't know Louis it's not that easy you know, besides I don't think she will like me back-

 -You'll never know if you don't try- 

-I will tell her when the time right- 


A.N. Hey! I'm sorry for not updating in a while I've been busy. Anyway I hope your liking the story so far. So like, comment and favorite If you wanna talk or something kik me My username is Neysh_

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