My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


21. going back to school

Adriana's P.O.V.

Today is Monday and I'm going back to school. I don't want to go but I already missed a lot these two weeks. I decided to walk to school today. It took me like 27 minutes to get to school. When I got there I felt like everyone was staring at me. Usually nobody pays attention to me and it felt weird I mean why is suddenly everybody looking at me and whispering things. I went to my locker to grab the things I needed.

-Hey Adri- said Ally

-Hey, is it me or is everybody acting weird today?-

-Why do you say that?-

-We'll it seems like everybody is looking at me for some reason-

-About that....- she trailed off


-Katy spread the rumors that Harry broke up with you to be with her and that's why you left and she's telling everybody that you came back to get revenge-

-You got to be kidding me that good for nothing bitch is gonna hear me out!-

-Calm down they are going to think that you are acting like a psycho ex girlfriend-

-You got a point there but what am I supposed to do just let her do whatever she wants-

-You are still friends with Harry prove them wrong by acting like nothing happened-


I walked to class math class and sat down next to Liam. He was texting someone and had was smiling like and idiot.

-Who is she?-

-What?-said Liam confused

-Who is the girl you are texting?-

-How do you know I'm texting a girl?-

-We'll you smiling at your phone like an idiot who is in love and unless you are gay you are texting a girl-

-Someone is in a bad mood anyway I'm texting Danielle my girlfriend-

-Oh since when do you have a girlfriend!-

-Last week I asked her and she said yes-

-We'll that great I want to meet her!-

-You will soon-


-Adriana!, Liam! Will you two shut up already I'm trying to teach here!- said Mr. Rivera

Both of us stayed quiet for the rest of the lesson. The rest of the morning nothing interesting happened. It was lunch time and I was sitting with Ally talking when a girl from our class sat down next to me.

-Hey! Im Sarah I have Spanish and math class with you!-

I knew her face seemed familiar. But why is she talking to me now? she never pays attention to me.

-Um hey Sarah-

-So is it true that you and Harry broke up or is it one of Katy's lies?-

Wow she went straight to the point.

-Look Sarah that is none of your business but just so you know yeah we broke up but we still are friends and he's not with Katy that's all you need to know now if you'll excuse me I'm trying to eat here-

She looked at me then stand up and left. People these days need to Learn what privacy is.

-Great response!- said Ally

-Yeah I wasn't in the mood to deal with her-

Soon Harry ad the guys joined us at the table. They were giving us weird looks and I hated it I'm so close to yelling at all of them! They need to mind their own business. Besides is not like is the end of the world we still can be friends! Soon lunch hour was over. I went to class hoping this day will be over soon but the hours passed really slowly. Finally the last bell rang. I went to my locker and saw Alex was leaning on it. When he saw me he smiled and moved out of the way. I opened my locker and grad all of the work I had to get done from these past two weeks.

-So I heard you are single now-

-You too! Why does everybody wants to remind me that I'm not in a relationship anymore?!?-

-Wow calm down-

-What do you want Alex?- I said annoyed

-We'll I was think maybe you and I can go to dinner sometime?-

-You mean as in a date?- I asked in disbelief

-Yes- he said smiling

-You got to be kidding me! Are you serious! You said it I just got out of a relationship and I thought I made it clear I don't like you that way!-

That was a little harsh but it's true plus he's just so annoying how could he asked me to a date knowing I just came out of a relationship I'm so mad. I saw a hint of hurt cross his eyes but he just smiled.

-I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked, want a ride home?-

-No I could just walk-

-That's ridiculous come on let's go-

I thought about it and I really didn't wanted to walk so I guess I'm gonna go with him.


I grab my things and followed him to his car. The ride was really awkward and we didn't talk much. I was glad when I got home. I entered the house and went to the kitchen and gave mom a hug. I made myself a sandwich and walked to my room. Today was one if the worst day ever everyone keep reminding me that me and Harry broke up and truth to be told it still hurts a lot. I really miss kissing him, him holding my hand saying that he loves me and things like that. I went to take a bath to relax a little. When I was done I put on a cream sweatshirt with some jeans and put my hair in a messy bun. I sat down in a chair in front of the desk and looked at all the work I have to do. Oh this is gonna be so fun! I thought sarcastically. Just as I was about to start with my homework I heard a knock on the door I went to answer it and to my surprise I saw Harry standing there I let him in.

-What are you doing here?-

-I'm have nothing to do so I came to visit you-

-We'll you choose a bad time because I have a lot of home work to do- I said sitting in the chair in front of my desk

-Maybe I could help you- he said sitting on my bed

-Are you serious?-

-Yeah why not I have nothing better to do-

-I don't think that's a good idea no offense but if I let you do my homework I'm not going to graduate-

-Fine then I'll wait for you to finish-

-Ok do whatever you want-

-Are you done?- Harry said for the hundredth time

-Like I told you ten minutes ago no Harry I'm not done-

-Oh c'mon aren't you tired-

-Yeah but I have to finish this!-

-You have till next week to get all that work done c'mon lets do something-

-Will it make you shut up if I do?-


-Ok we'll what are we gonna do?

-Um I didn't think of that I thought you wouldn't agree was more easy than I thought it will be-


-Yeah but we can go get some ice cream!-


We walked to the ice cream shop. He got some chocolate chip ice cream and I had some rocky road. We sat down at a booth to talk. I was laughing at some stupid joke Harry was telling.

-You know I like it more when you smile and you aren't in a bad mood-

-Yeah sorry about that I had a pretty stressing day-

-It's okay-

Me and Harry talking. We were having a good time till I feel something being thrown at me it was a strawberry milkshake. I look up and saw Katy.

-What's you problem!- I screamed at her

-You! You should have stayed in Paris and never come back!-

-Just leave me alone Katy-

-I'm not going to till you leave Harry alone-

-No you leave her alone even if I'm not with her I'm never gonna be with you get that in your head, C'mon Adriana let's go!- said Harry

-Wait a minute-

Harry looked at me confused and I grabbed what was left of my ice cream and throw it at her face. She looked shocked and surprised. I grabbed Harry's hand and run out of the place before she could say something. When we were out I realized I was still holding Harry's hand and I quickly let it go.

-That was hilarious did you see her face!- said Harry

-Yeah she looked so shocked she clearly wasn't expecting that-

-We'll done!-

-Yeah I really hate her she's just so mean and I haven't done anything to her!-

-I know! She's the queen bitch-

-Yeah ugh my hair is covered in that bitch milkshake-

-Yeah I noticed-

-We'll besides that we had a really good time it was fun seeing her like that-


We got to my house and I gave him a goodbye hug then went to take another bath to take off all the smoothie from my hair. After I was done I put on some pjs. I looked at the homework but I was too tired to do it so I went to sleep.

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