My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


14. Cheating

Adriana P.O.V.

I heard someone calling my name. I opened my eyes to see dad standing beside me.

-What time is it?-


-Why are you waking me up so early?- I whined

-Well I was talking to your mom and I know you won't go live with me to Paris so I was thinking that you could go for 1 or 2 weeks so you can see the Eiffel Tower and all the stuff you always wanted to do and then come back-

-What about school?-

-Your mom is gonna call the school to tell them you are gonna be gone for the two weeks-

-Well I want to go and it's only for two weeks so I guess I can go-

-Okay well you better start packing because we leave tomorrow at 8:00am-


He left the room and I texted Ally because I don't know if she's sleeping.

To Ally: I'm going to Paris for two weeks tomorrow with dad!!!

To Adriana: Wow that amazing you've been talking about going there since forever

To Ally: I know! I'm so excited! IM GONNA SEE THE EIFELL TOWER!

To Adriana: Have you told Harry?

To Ally: No you are the first one to know I'm gonna pack first then I'm going to his house to tell him and spend the rest of the day with him

To Adriana: okay well since you are going to Harry's I guess I won't see you so I'm going with John to the fair ill see you tomorrow at what hour do you leave?

To Ally: I leave at 8:00am to the airport

To Adriana: ok well ill be there at 7

To Ally: okay see ya I went downstairs.

I saw that mom was washing clothes. I went to her.

-Are you ok with me going to Paris for two weeks?-

-Yeah you always wanted to go and it's not like you're gonna be gone forever its just two weeks-

-Okay so I'm gonna start packing and then I'm gonna go to Harry's house to tell him ill be gone for two weeks and spend some time with him if I can-

-Okay then what are you doing here start packing!-

I went to my room and started packing. It took me 3 hours but I packed everything I needed. I called Harry to tell I was going to his house later because I needed to tell him something and he said it was okay. I made sure I had everything ready to go. I grabbed my phone and put on some shoes. I went downstairs and looked for mom. She was in the living room.

-I'm going to Harry's house now-

-Okay see you later then-

I walked to Harry's house that only like 20minute walk from my house to his. I knocked on the door but nobody answered. I took my cellphone and called him but be didn't answer either. Ok something's wrong here. I saw Harry's car parked in front of the house. I checked and the door was open. I don't know if I should enter. I mean I shouldn't be entering his house but he knew I was coming I bet he fell asleep and that's why he doesn't hear me knocking or when I called him. I enter the house and closed the door. I went to the living room but I didn't saw him there, I went to the kitchen but he wasn't there either. I went upstairs and heard loud music coming from Harry's room. I knocked on the door but he apparently didn't heard it either. I opened the door and saw Harry sitting in bed kissing Katy. How could he do that. He promise he wouldn't cheat. I turned off the music and that's when they realized I was there.

-How could you?!? I thought you really wanted to be with me, you promised me you wouldn't cheat! You could at least had the decency to break up with me and told me you were with Katy instead of promising me you wouldn't do it cause maybe it didn't matter to you but it matter to me and a lot!-

-Adriana is...- I cut him off.

-It's not what it looks like!- I said laughing sarcastically

-That's what they all say but I'm not gonna fall for it Harry, I'm not that stupid. We are over. I'm really glad I'm leaving tomorrow to Paris!-

-Adriana Please let me explain-

-You don't have to explain anything I know what I saw! I can't believe it You had to do the one thing I can't forgive you well played Harry! You know what I'm out of here I should have know this was too good to be truth. Have a good life Styles! I never want to see you again!-

I turned my back and started walking out of the room. I heard him scream my name and coming towards me I started to run. I ran home crying. When I enter the house mom saw me.

-What's wrong? Why are you crying?-

-H-Harry C-Cheated- I said between sobs

-Oh honey I'm so sorry, c'mon here- she said giving me a hug

We went to the living room and sat down.

-I'm glad I'm leaving to Paris tomorrow that way he won't see me heartbroken and maybe I can try to forget him. I should have know mom! Everything was so perfect guess I was just blinded I love him so much I didn't even notice he was faking. I can't believe it I wish I hadn't fallen for him that easily-

-You had no way of knowing this would happen I'm not gonna deny that you two took things a little too fast but maybe that was meant to happen. If he's the one you two will find a way back to each other somehow-

-You don't have to worry about that because I am not getting back together with him-


-I'm going to my room I want some time alone- I said standing up and leaving.

I lay in my bed thinking about Harry. I'm so mad at him but that doesn't change the fact that I love him and that it hurst so much what he did. I don't want to think how many times he lied to me to be with Katy. I wonder if the rest of the guys knew he was cheating. I mean their his best friends so I bet they knew but they my friends too they would told me right? Anyway I guess I will have to forget them too because Harry is their best friend they are obviously gonna choose him. I'm gonna miss Harry so much. All the things he said and all the good times we passed. Even thought I want to hate him I can't. Ugh i need to stop thinking about him. I checked the time and it was 5:45. I turned on the tv and put on She's the man. I like that movie. I watch it When it was over I went downstairs.

-Mom what's for dinner?-I asked

-Spaghetti, it's almost ready so set the table-

I set the table for the two of us. We sat down to eat.

-You left your phone in the living room-

-Ok ill get it when I finish eating-

-It's been ringing a lot-


-Are you gonna answer him?-

-No I don't want to talk to him-

-Okay well I have to finish cleaning the house when you're done wash the dishes-


I finished eating my spaghetti then I washed the dishes. I went to the living room and grab my phone then went to my room. I checked and as mom said I had a lot of missed calls and messages from him. I deleted them all. I saw my background it was a picture of Harry and me. We both look so happy. I started to cry remembering we took that photo the day he promised me he wouldn't cheat. I turned my phone off. I'm not even exited to go to Paris anymore. What and irony I'm going to the city of love not wanting to see the person I love. I went to sleep tomorrow is gonna be a really long day. Mom woke me up at 6:00am so I can make sure I have everything I need. I couldn't sleep well yesterday I was thinking about Harry. I had bags in my eyes and my hair was a mess. I took a bath and put on a light pink long sleeve sweater with some jeans and a brown beanie with some brown hightops. I went downstairs and mom had made me breakfast. I ate it then went to check I packed everything. After I was sure I had everything I checked the time. It was 6:53. I went to mom.

-I'm gonna miss you so much-I said hugging her

-I'm gonna miss you more-

-I love you mom-

-I love you too, be careful I don't want anything happening to you-

-Yes mom ill be careful- I heard someone knock at the door.

-Who can be here this early?-

-Ally I told her to come so I can say goodbye before I go-

-Okay- I went to answer the door.

-Hey girl-said Ally


-So you are finally going to Paris I'm so happy for you I know how much you wanted to go-


-Hey what's wrong? You should be happy if its because you are gonna miss me don't worry you'll come back in two weeks-

-It's not that, I'm gonna miss you but that's not the reason I'm a bit sad-

-Then what is it?-

-I broke up with Harry yesterday-

-Oh my god why?!?-

-When I went to his house yesterday and found him kissing Katy-

-That idiot how dare he do something like that to you next time I see him it's not gonna be pretty-

-Calm down I don't want you to be in jail when I come back- I said laughing

We went to my room and kept talking till dad came. I stand up from the bed, dad grabbed my suitcase and I grab my carry on. I hugged Ally.

-I'm gonna miss you so much see you in two weeks- said Ally

-I'm gonna miss you too-

Then I went to mom.

-Have a safe trip honey, and don't forget to call me when you get there-she said crying

-Don't cry mom or your gonna make me stay!-

-I'm sorry, you better hurry up or your gonna miss your plane-

-Okay bye mom I love you-

-Love you two honey se you in two weeks!-

-Well lets go- said dad I followed him to his car.

I saw my two stepsisters and Miranda waiting. We got on the car and Miranda smiled at me. I smiled back and put my attention on the baby's. The airport wasn't so far so we got there quickly. There was still 30 minutes till our flight so we sat at the waiting area. I was carrying one if the baby's who was crying. They told us We could board the plane 10 minutes early so we grab our stuff and headed to the line so they can check our tickets and let us in. It was almost our turn when I heard someone scream my name. I could recognize that voice anywhere it was Harry. I looked to were I heard the voice and saw him not to far away from me. He was wearing a withe shirt with a grey hoodie some jeans and black converse and had a black hoodie. I couldn't decide if I should go to him or not. A part of me wants to run and kiss him but the other wants to stay mad at him and just leave. Soon he was just in front of me. I saw that he had red puffy eyes and seemed like he didn't sleep either.

-What are you doing here?-I asked him

-You can't just go like that you need to let me explain-

-Harry I saw you kissing her there's nothing to explain there- I said with tears in my eyes

-Adriana we have to go!-screamed dad

He took out a letter from his pocket.

-Just promise me you'll read this- I took the letter in my hand.

-Harry I...- He cut me off.

-Please Adriana-

-Okay but this doesn't change anything Harry I'm still leaving and we aren't together anymore-

-Adriana we need to go now or we will miss the plane-screamed dad again

-Bye Harry- I said crying

-Bye- he said crying too

I went to my dad and hand the lady the plane ticket. I was about to enter the door. I looked back and saw him standing there I waved bye to him.

-I LOVE YOU ADRIANA!-he screamed before I enter the door

After that I fell to the ground crying holding the letter in my hands. Dad took my suitcase and Miranda came to me and helped me stand up.

-This isn't about you leaving for two weeks only there's something more going on here-she said

-Is nothing-

-Tell me maybe I can help you-

-I don't want to talk about it right now ill tell you when I'm ready-


We boarded the plane and I looked at the letter in my hands. I won't read it now. I can't I had enough for today. I was so sad. I took out my iPod and headphones. I put on some music and tried to sleep for the rest of the flight. Dad woke me up when we were landing. I put on the seatbelt. When we landed I grabbed my suitcase and followed dad and Miranda. On the way to the house we stopped to eat something. When we got to his house dad showed me my room. I was unpacking my things when I saw I had packed Harry's hoodie. I remember he gave it to me the first day I stayed with the guys and he accidentally throw some mud at me. I liked it so I never give it back to him. I packed it so I could have something to remember him the two weeks I was going to be here. It hasn't been a day and I'm missing Harry so much. I heard my phone ring so I put the hoodie in the night stand and grab my phone it was mom calling.

-Hey mom-

-Hey honey I was so worried because you hadn't called-

-Sorry I was unpacking so I forgot-

-It's ok I'm glad you are fine so how's everything going-

- Its going fine, I still haven't gone anywhere I'm gonna rest today and tomorrow I'm going to see the Eiffel Tower and such-

-Okay well ill leave you so you can finish unpacking-

-Okay bye mom-

-Bye honey-

I finished unpacking and grabbed my laptop. I checked Facebook, twitter and tumblr when I got bored I went to sleep.

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