My secret lover

Adriana has had a crush on Harry since 7th grade what she didn't know is that Harry secretly liked her, but what happened when Harry thinks she likes Liam read to find out!!!


6. A date

Adriana's P.O.V.

It's been a week and a half since Harry apologized. I can't say we're best friends or anything. Yeah we talk and he's nice to me but we aren't too close. 

I took a shower and washed my teeth. I put a blue floral top with some skinny jeans and my blue vans. I put my hair in a ponytail. I went downstairs grabed an apple and started to walk to school. I went to my locker, I was getting my stuff when a guy from my class named Alex stood next to me. He had black hair and amazing blue eyes. He was one of the cutes guys in school. I looked at him. 

-Hey Adriana-

-Hey Alex-

-Um I was wondering if you will like to go to the movies with me later?-

I didn't know what to say. I mean I don't like him that way but Maybe we could go as friends I mean he didn't say it was a date.

-Sure why not- I say shrugging 

-So I'll pick you up at 4?-


-Here's my phone number text me the address later- He said handing me a paper with his number.


I closed the locker and saw Harry and Louis beside me. Harry looked a little frustrated and kind of angry but I decided it was best not to ask.

-Hey guys-

-Hey- they said back

-So you have a date with Alex- Louis said wiggling he's eyebrows. I glared at him. 

-It's not a date!!, he just ask me if I wanted to go to the movies with him!!!-

-Did he said someone else was coming?-

-No, why?-

-Then it's a date you idiot-

-Oh oh Now what I'm supposed to do?-

-Um go to the movies with him then if he tries something like kissing you tell him you only want him as a friend-


I walked to class with them. I sat on the back and started to pay attention to what the teacher was saying.

Harry's P.O.V.

Alex just asked out Adriana. wanna know the worst part she said YES!!

I want to tell her that I like her but how. It has to be cute And romantic. Think Harry think. I got it! tomorrow its valentines day I should do something special And tell her that I like her. I just hope everything goes fine I still have a little hope she might like me but if she doesn't well at least I told her how I feel.

Adriana's P.O.V.

The rest of the day went fast , soon its was time to go home.

I walked home with ally. 

-Im so excited about tomorrow,John said he has a surprise for me-she said

-Awww that so cute I wish I had a boyfriend and he would do romantic things for me-

-so what are you gonna do tomorrow?-

-Probably spending the night watching depressing movies-

-That sucks lets talk about something less depressing ok?- 

-Like what?-

-Your date with Alex today-

-It's not a date!!!-

-Whatever you say I can't believe one of the hottest guys in school likes you and your gonna break his heart, you badass!!!-

-It's not my fault I like Harry and not him!!!-

-Yeah but still you got to admit he's pretty hot-

-I won't deny it he's hot and seem like a nice guy not like those guys who know they're hot and act like they own the world-

We got to my house and I said my goodbyes. I enter the house and mom was on the kitchen. 

-Hey honey how was your day?-

-It was weird-

-What happened?-

-One of the hottest guys in school asked me out today and I said yes but I don't like him in that way-

-Then why did you said yes-

-Well he told me if I wanted to go to the movies with him and I thought it was as friends but the guys and ally said he was asking me on a date-

-Did he said someone else was going?-


-Then it must be a date-

-Ugh does everyone knew that except me!!! should I go?-

-Go and when your sure it was a date because your not sure tell him you just want to be friends with him and that you don't feel the same way-

-ok so I better go change he's gonna pick me up at 4:00-

I went upstairs and to the bathroom. I took a bath. I put on some jeans and a withe top with black polka dots and my black vans. I curled my hair. I checked the time and it was 3:30. I send Alex a message with my address.

I went downstairs. Mom was watching a movie in the living room I sat with her. I watched the movie with her till I heard a knock on the door. I Stand up and said goodbye to mom. I grab my phone and some money and went to the door.

-Hey Alex-

-Hey Adriana you look beautiful!!!-


-Well lets go!-

I walked to the car with him and sat on the passengers seat. We talked and got to know each other better. We got to the movie theater and he paid for the tickets. We buy some popcorn and went to our seats. The movie was great but a little awkward since Alex was staring at me and I felt uncomfortable. We were walking to the ice cream shop when Alex grabs my hand. I pull my hand away quickly and he laughs. why is he laughing?

-You know I don't bite- he says

-Yeah I know-

-Then why did you pull your hand when I grab it?-

-Because that's not something friends do-

-But I don't want you as a friend I want us to be something more than friends I want you to be my girlfriend-

-I'm sorry Alex but I don't feel the same way-

-Then why did you agreed to go in a date with me?-

-I thought we were coming as friends and that you invited other people too-

-Oh Ok, so who's the lucky guy you like?-

-Harry- I said looking down


We got to the ice cream place.I buy a chocolate ice cream and Alex buy a chocolate chip ice cream. We sat in a table. We talked some more and then he drove me home. I was now in front of my house.

-Thanks for everything Alex I had a great time-

-No problem-

I got of the car and walk home. I enter the house and mom was drinking tea in the kitchen. I sat down with her and told her everything that happened then I went to sleep.

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