Not Your Average Princess // h.s. [ON HOLD DUE TO WRITERS BLOCK]

What would you do if you had everything you ever wanted, but gave it all up for a boy?


5. Ch.4

Chapter 4

I walked out the door and the cold wind slapped across my face and snaked itself around me. I pulled my light jacket against me tighter. I had wished I had brought a warmer jacket but I can't go back in to my house, not anymore. I continued walking along the pavement and scrolling through my phone. I decided not to take my car that would be an easy target to see it was me. I realized, being the idiot I am, that I have nowhere to stay. I huffed and continued walking.

About 20 minutes later I noticed there was a motel that was open. I walked across the street towards the motel and walked through the door. I pulled my hood up so it could hide my face at least a bit. I walked towards the reception desk and rung the bell, and then waited for someone. I started to look around the place and notice it didn't look half as bad as I thought it would be. That's when someone jumped out from behind the desk.

"Boo!" The person yelled.

"Ahh! What the fuck dude!? You almost gave me a heart attack!" I angrily stated.

"Sorry, but it's been really slow here and I wanted to scare someone," he relied smirking. I then realized he had a southern accent, he wasn't from here.

"Whatever..." I looked at his name tag. "Beau, so is there a room available?

"Yeah....I believe so, let me check." I got bored and asked him a question. "So let me guess, not from around here?"

"Nope, I'm from Nashville, Tennessee."

"Why'd you leave?" I questioned him.

"There really wasn't anything there for me, I guess and I have always wanted to move to England, since I was a little kid. Say you look awfully familiar," my pulse stared to quicken, no one can find out that I am the princess, Delilah Evans.

"Um maybe you recognize me from walking around or from a shop," I put on a weary smile.

"Ok, here is your room key, level 2, room 195. If you need anything just call the front desk, I'll be here," he smiled.

"Thanks Beau. Bye," I turned around and walked towards the stairs.

Once I was on the second floor I started to look for my room. Once I found it, I stuck the key in the key hole and walked in. There was one bed, a bathroom, a TV, a night stand, chest of drawers and a little desk area. It was small but it would do. I sat my bag on the bed and flopped down on it.

I turned my head towards my phone as it rung. I picked it up and looked at the caller ID. Mum. I quickly declined it and turned my phone off. I sat back up and began to unpack my stuff. I had enough money for food and for a long time here, so I was good. If I ran out I could always just go to an ATM and get more.

There was a knock at my door, I walked over and opened it only to notice a smirking Beau. He was holding a few extra blankets, popcorn and a few movies. I raised an eyebrow looking at him.

"Yes Beau?"

"Can I come in?"

"Well that depends. Why do you want to come in?" I challenged him. It was obvious why he want to come in my room. But still, it's fun to see people's reaction when I challenge them.

"I thought we could watch some horror movies," he replied with a wink. I walked closer to him so my lips where at his ear. I noticed him bend down slightly, due to his taller frame. And in a blink of an eye, I grabbed the blankets, movies and popcorn, also shutting the door. Even through the door I could tell his eyes were wide and his jaw had dropped.

"Thanks for the stuff, Beau," I said through the door.

"Really, you're going to take my stuff then slam the door in my face?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yep, goodnight, Beau," I said teasingly.

"Goodnight....." I hadn't figured out a name yet.

"Mercy, Mercy Bromley," I couldn't think of anything else so I went with my cousin's name.

"Goodnight, Mercy."

I walked over to the drawers and finished putting away my stuff. I walked to where I had placed the movies and see what movies there were. The movies he brought weren't particularly horror movies. It was all of the Scary Movie's. I rolled my eyes and decided to watch them. I put Scary Movie in and sat down. I started to get bored about half way through and went to bed considering it was after 2:00 am.


I woke up and noticed it was 10:00am; I wasn't going to school anymore so what's the point of going anywhere. I flopped back down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling just thinking about when I will be all over the news, when people start to look for me, or when they even notice when I'm missing, half the time I'm standing in the background letting my mum do all of the talking.

I grabbed my phone turning it on. Once it was on I noticed I had 3 messages from Emma, 10 messages and calls from my mum and 5 calls from my dad. I locked my phone, not even bothering to look at the calls and messages, and tossing it on the bed side table.

I realized that I would have to go the shop and get some hair dye so people won't recognize me. I also have to go to glasses place so I can get contacts that change the colour of my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and sat up again.

I got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. I walked in and noticed my reflection, my hair was in knots, and my make-up was smeared across my face, not like I really wore any anyways. I sighed and stripped out of my clothes and got in the shower. After I got out I went over to the drawers and grabbed skinny jeans, black tank-top, underwear, and a simple blue hoodie.

I got dressed and brushed through my tangled long locks. After that I slipped on a pair of grey converse high tops, grabbed my phone and money and headed out.

Once I was in the lobby I put the hood of my hoodie up. I walked out of the building and towards the local shops. I kept my head down and my hood up as I walked; no one even gave me a second glance.

I walked into a shop and went towards the health and beauty section, scanning what hair colour's they have. I settled on going on the brunette colour thinking it would go nicely with my skin tone. As I was being checked out I asked the lady where the local glasses place is she told me it was about three blocks away from here. I nodded and grabbed my stuff.

I headed in that direction and felt a buzz in my back pocket. I pulled out my phone and noticed Emma was calling me. I decided to pick up and explain.

"Hey what's up?" I asked.

"What's up? Where the hell are you!?" She screamed in my ear, I had to pull the phone away from my ear so I won't go deaf.

"Um, I'm not sure actually," I could tell she was getting frustrated even over the phone, by the way her voice was getting lower and lower every time she spoke.

"Delilah Evans why did you run away?"

"Hey, don't say my name call me Mercy. God your starting to sound like my mother," I said rolling my eyes.

"I don't care and Mercy really? You chose your cousins name?" She questioned me.

"Yeah, I couldn't think of anything else on the spot," I mumbled.

"Whatever I'm coming to get you now tell me where you are," she demanded. Instead of answering I just hung up on her, god she was staring to act like a bitch.

I continued walking till I reached my destination. I pulled on the door handle and walked in. I looked around and noticed it looked pretty dead, that was good so I can get in and get out. I walked up to the front desk and waited hoping no one would try to kill me. An elderly lady with warm brown eyes walked over to the desk.

"Yes how may I help you, dear?" She asked.

"Is it possible that I can get a pair of contacts that change the colour of my eyes, like now?" I asked.

"Well of course but why would you want to change the colour you have amazing blue/ green eyes." She smiled warmly.

"Thank you but I just need to change."

"I understand," She winked, "So what colour do you want?" I hadn't even thought about that yet. "Um grey."

"Sure give me one moment." She walked away and I stared to hum one of my favorite songs. She came back in with a box in her hand, I paid and left.

I walked the way back to my hotel room and walked in to the bathroom. I read the directions on the box of the hair dye and followed all of them, those where the first directions I have followed in a long time. I decided not to look in the mirror till I had out my contacts in.

I put one contact in my right eye and it felt really weird at first but I got used to it. I put the other one in and waited till I could see clearly. I lifted my head and my jaw dropped. I looked totally different, only the people that have studied my face would recognize me but besides I looked different. I was loving the new hair colour and eye colour, I have always wanted grey eyes they are so pretty.

I walked out of the bathroom and decided to get some food having it be 12:00pm and I haven't eaten anything at all today so far. I walked out again and started to walk along the pavement to find a restaurant. I still kept my head low but I had put a black beanie on instead of pulling up my hoodie. I kept my gaze on my grey converse until I heard something behind me so I turned my head and noticed there was nothing. As I was turning my head I had slammed into something hard, like a wall. But when I looked my now grey eyes where met with jade ones.


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