Not Your Average Princess // h.s. [ON HOLD DUE TO WRITERS BLOCK]

What would you do if you had everything you ever wanted, but gave it all up for a boy?


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                         It was my wedding day and most girls would be excited, nervous, anxious, and overall happy. But that wasn't the case here. I was sitting in the chair having my make-up and hair done and I couldn't care less right now because the love of my life was ripped out of my life and for never to be seen again. Everyone around me was asking me questions but all I heard was his words haunting me:

                  "Delilah, I love you please don't leave me! Don't marry him! I love you!"

                 And all I could see was him on his knees crying and my heart ached because I knew that I had caused him to be like that. Everything suddenly became blurry and my cheek had become moist. It was then I realized I was crying. I heard my mom's voice but that was it. I didn't hear any words or anything. I didn't care if I fucking ruined my makeup or if I walk down the aisle looking like a zombie. I just wanted to have him again, to hold him, to care for him, and to love again. But I can’t I'm never allowed to see him again. It's not like it matters anyway, he's thousands of miles away now, and away from my reach. But he was the one I had truly loved and he was the one who had truly loved me. He taught me how to love and trust people because before him I had blocked everyone else out except for my dad. And he was the only one I wanted to marry, not my dad but him. Not the bastard I was about to marry.


          I turned my head and looked at the clock and noticed that it was time to get in to my wedding dress. Once I was in it I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and I didn't see myself. Instead I saw a girl who looked lonely and sad and who looked like something was taken from her. Something that she needed so dearly, that if she didn't have it she would die.


         Someone had motioned for me to come towards them and I did. They handed me a bouquet   of flowers and lead me towards the big mahogany doors. I took a deep breath and realized after this, it will be the start of a new life for me. I heard the music start to play, and the doors swung open. Everyone was staring at me and I felt uncomfortable. My dad hooked his arm in mine and started to walk down the aisle with me. I finally had looked up and meet the bastards gaze. He had a smirk plastered on his face and I noticed his eyes moving up and down my body. I felt disgusted with myself for agreeing to this. My dad and I had reached the end of the aisle and he let go of my arm and kissed my forehead.


          I had blocked out the priest and waiting for me to say I do so I can start my life in hell and get it over with.


           "If any one disagrees with these people being together for the rest of their lives please speak now," said the priest. I looked around hoping someone would stand up saying I object. But no one did. I looked towards him again and swallowed a lump in my throat.


         "Sam Fitzgerald, do you take this young woman to love, to hold, and to cherish for as long as you both shall live?" he asked.


         "I do."


        "And do you Delilah Evans take this young man to love, to hold, and to cherish as long as you both shall live?" I hesitated before giving my answer. 


         "I do." I regret saying that but I had to.


         "Well with the power vested in me. I both pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride." Sam immediately attached his lips to mine but it wasn't the sweet and gently kiss he gave it was a greedy and sloppy kiss. After he pulled away he picked me up bridal style and carrying me out of the room along with cheers from the crowd.


       All I wish for right now is to go back in time and start all over.











Harry isn't in  the story until later on. But not that much later just a few chapters 


So what do u guys think. I have had this idea for awhile now but I wasn't sure about it. So tell me what you think in the comments.

I dedicated this to @Atlantis94 because she is an amazing author and writes the best books on wattpad I say any ways. She makes you feel what the characters are feeling and I jut love her!!! So yeah.

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