Just A Dream

This is a story about a boy who only wishes to live in a dream. He wants nothing more then the world to be perfect but he knows it's not possible. I wrote this story to kinda represent a time period in my life where I felt the same way. If you like motivational stories or stories that are full of fantasy and adventure then this is the story for you.


5. What's going on?!

There before me stood and angel. I very beautiful one in fact. More beautiful then anything I've ever seen before. She was definitely an angel but she looked......... young. "Wh..Where am I?" I asked, "and who are you?"

"I am Alexandria" she stated. "I am your personal Angel"

" Personal Angel????!!!" I yelled . " How did I get one of those?" "And more importantly........ Where the hell am I??!!"

"Hanoi please come down...... All you have to do is ask."

"Ok then......... Where the hell am I????!!!!

"Your in the Curion World, the land of perfection."

"But why?"

"You wish for a perfect world Hanoi..... You wished for this and this is what your got."

"But.....But what about all my friends and my family and...."

" I thought you never liked your family?" Besides you haven't even checked anything out yet, come" I followed her to this house. It was oddly big and looked very cozy. "This is where you'll be staying for the remainder of the time your here."I'll be back in a minute, I'm going to fetch you a drink"

"How did she know I was thirsty?" I thought to myself. I say down in a chair by the fireplace and started to think. Is this place real? What about my friends and family? Is it even worth staying here? What's gonna happen if I do? What will it be like?

"I'm back" she said. By that time she came back. I fell asleep.

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