Just A Dream

This is a story about a boy who only wishes to live in a dream. He wants nothing more then the world to be perfect but he knows it's not possible. I wrote this story to kinda represent a time period in my life where I felt the same way. If you like motivational stories or stories that are full of fantasy and adventure then this is the story for you.


4. The Experience of a life time


          As lightning struck my body I couldn't feel anything. Everything felt hazy and I didn't know what was happening. I felt like I couldn't move and I couldn't open my eyes. I didn't mean to be so upset but I did mean what I said. My life has a been a living hell for a while now and I'm sick and fucking tired of it. I finally opened my eyes to see nothing but clouds. I moved my body and it felt lighter. I didn't seem hurt but it sure felt like it. I got up and saw nothing but clouds. I started to walk around and there was nothing there. Did I die? Did the lightning kill me? I didn't know what the hell was going on. I started to panic. I ran around forever but to no avail. "IM SORRY GOD!!!" I screamed, " I'm happy with my life and I will be ok, please god get me outta here."

"Your not alone Hanoi." said a voice. I turned around to see something peculiar.

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