Just A Dream

This is a story about a boy who only wishes to live in a dream. He wants nothing more then the world to be perfect but he knows it's not possible. I wrote this story to kinda represent a time period in my life where I felt the same way. If you like motivational stories or stories that are full of fantasy and adventure then this is the story for you.


1. Prologue

Have you ever wanted to live on a dream? Have you ever wanted to live in a perfect world? I've wanted to for a while. My name is Hanoi and I'm 17 years old. I've always wanted to live in a world where nothing could go wrong. I've been through hell ever since I was a kid. My mother died of sickness when I was just 4 years old. So for the next thirteen years I lived with my abusive father. He treated me as if I was his slave. He'd make me do everything for him and if I screwed up even a little bit he'd beat me and throw me at walls until I could barely get up. " WHEN I TELL YOU TO DO SOMETHING YOU'D BETTER DO IT RIGHT, UNDERSTAND ME!??????!!!!!!" I was never appreciated by him at all. I'd work my ass off for him and he'd get mad about the little stuff. Even at school I had it rough. The other kids that I was gay cause I stayed by myself a lot. Who the hell are they to judge me? I can be whoever I want to! I just wish life could be the way I want it to be.............. just for a day.

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