Just A Dream

This is a story about a boy who only wishes to live in a dream. He wants nothing more then the world to be perfect but he knows it's not possible. I wrote this story to kinda represent a time period in my life where I felt the same way. If you like motivational stories or stories that are full of fantasy and adventure then this is the story for you.


2. Just The Start

I woke up, the same way always do and went to take a shower. I washed my hair and got out. Then as I got dressed my father called up to me, " Get your ass down here and clean this shit up!" he hollered.

" What the hell was he talking about?" I wondered. I ran downstairs to see what it was. I walked into the kitchen and right in front of his feet was.............. we'll I don't know exactly what it was. " What is that?" I asked.

" I don't care what it is just clean it up!!!" my father roared. I had no choice, I couldn't stand up to my father. He'd probably give me a black eye and that's the last thing I need is to go to school with a black eye. My older brother walked upstairs in his underwear.

" Mornin pops and good mornin to you to fag!" he said with a grin on his face.

" Ya good morning Rinny boy!" I said. He hates when I call him that.

" Shut up fag" he said, " oh and have fun picking up the dog shit!"

" That's what this is?" I asked in astonishment.

" Yeah looks like that dog ate your face and crapped it out perfectly!"

" Shut up Rin!!" I hollered. I swear if he wasn't 26 years old and so huge he would be dead right now! He's been living here all his life and hasn't even thought about moving out. He says " Why bother if you have a slave to do everything for you and some entertainment when that slave gets best my it's master. He makes it sound like I'm a sex slave! What an asshole! I'd just cleaned up the shit when my dad ran right over and stood in front of me. He picked me up and threw me against the fridge.

" You missed a spot!!!!!" Dad said as he picked my up again and threw me at the wall. I went over and looked for any spots but of course there was the smallest piece of it left and my father found it! I picked it up and threw it away. Whatever!" Dad said, " Go get me some Pepsi!"

" We're all out" I told him, " but I can get you a coke inste.........." My dad picked my up and started punching my face as hard as he could.

" I don't want any damn coke!" he said, " I want a damn Pepsi!!!!!" I now had a bloody nose, black eye ( figures) and a busted open face! " You'd better get to that bus stop before it leaves you behind" he snarled. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. That was a typical morning for me. But shit was gonna get a whole lot worse.

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