Just A Dream

This is a story about a boy who only wishes to live in a dream. He wants nothing more then the world to be perfect but he knows it's not possible. I wrote this story to kinda represent a time period in my life where I felt the same way. If you like motivational stories or stories that are full of fantasy and adventure then this is the story for you.


3. A Day In The Life

Well that morning was......... usual. I ran to my bus stop where all the other people who go to my school were standing. I looked around to see if I could find my best friend Akira. I found him, but of course he's trying to sell comic books like always! I walked over to see what he was trying to sell this time. " Hey Akira, how are the sales coming?" I asked.

" Horrible, apparently no body like Kung fu alien fighters who go off to other planets to destroy villains" he said, " One guy told me that he's already heard that idea before!"

" Yeah dude, so have I" I told him.

" I think your lying to me!" he shouted, " What show was it then?"

" DragonBallZ?"

Oh shit, your actually right" he said, " no wonder people don't wanna but my comics, I thought that they thought I was just a 17 year old with no life!"

" Ya, that's what they thought" I said. This kid may be kinda strange at sometimes but he's still my best friend. After that little argument we got on the bus and went to school. After getting a shit ton of work in math, English and health I finally got to go to lunch. I went, bought my lunch and found a table with Akira. This huge guy named Brock came over to me. I've hated Brock ever since elementary school. He's always been bigger than I have and always been such an ass. One time in middle school I really liked this girl Brianna and just as I was about to ask her out, Brock came up out of nowhere and gave me a punch straight to the face. Now that girl thinks I'm a total duche. Every girl has ever since then. Brock has ruined my life for me. I can't date anymore because of him! I wish he would just disappear. He came and sat down so close to me I could feel him breathing and that's not exactly easy when you have a troll sitting next to you.

" What's up Hanoi, or should I say say someone who Hanoi's the hell out of me, am I right?" A roar of laughter from the cafeteria made him continue. " And his friend........... what was it?" he asked being the normal duche that he is, " oh ya that's right it's Shakira!!!" He's so lame and utterly stupid, it annoys the hell out of me.

"What do you want Brock?" I asked in boredom, " we're kinda busy."

" Oh is Hanoi to busy with his boyfriend, we'll leave you two alone." " But no grabbing each other's dicks, you'll scare the freshmens. That tarred it I was so pissed off at him.

" Why don't you go eat a dick Brock, cause that's your specialty." Brock picked me up by the collar of my shirt and threw me across the table.

" YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT, HOW DARE YOU FUCKING SAY THAT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I got up went right up to his face and I punched him with all of my strength. He fell back a little bit but not for long. He jumped on top of me and started to beat the living hell out of me. I swear I thought he'd broken every bone in my body. One of the teachers came and broke us up. He had only a busted lip but I had a black eye, a busted lip, bloody nose and a huge bump on my head. I didn't even wait for the teacher to start talking. I ran out of the school before anyone could do anything about it. I was running, I didn't know where to but I was running. It was storming but I didn't care. I ran all the way until I found a bench that I sat down on. I started to cry. I hated crying but I couldn't help it. I was so pissed. Why the fuck was my life all screwed up!!!

" WHY GOD!!!!!!???!!!!" " Why did you have to give me such a cruel life!!!???" And then it all ended right there. Lighting struck my body.

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