pinky promise || Niall Horan

"Never leave me" She whispered into my ear. I turned to her expecting her usual bright smile. Instead I saw sincerity and tears that threatened to spill
"I never could" I replied as I looked deeply into her eyes
"Pinky promise?" She asked, causing me to laugh
"Pinky promise" I replied linking her small fragile fingers with mine.


1. prolouge

There are certain things we cherish in our lives. Certain people who, although we may try, we can never forget them. Nor can we ever let them go. We can try to continue our lives without them, but we could never succeed.   Maya was one of them people. No matter how many times I mucked up or hurt her, she always gave me another chance. I can't count all the times I left her crying or begging me to just let her go. I can't explain how it felt to see her broken and a shell of the woman she was. I can't show you the pain in which I tell this story. But I can telw you, I can tell you word by word what happened. Then, and only then, can you begin to understand the troubles I have faced, the troubles I have caused, the troubles I have yet to come. 

My name is Niall James Horan and this is the story of how I broke the girl I love

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