pinky promise || Niall Horan

"Never leave me" She whispered into my ear. I turned to her expecting her usual bright smile. Instead I saw sincerity and tears that threatened to spill
"I never could" I replied as I looked deeply into her eyes
"Pinky promise?" She asked, causing me to laugh
"Pinky promise" I replied linking her small fragile fingers with mine.


2. Chapter 1

I never really put much thought into how I would meet the perfect girl. My whole life I was a tag along. I would follow my older brother around when he was with his friends, I would try to fit in and they would let me stay because they felt sorry for me. When I met the other boys and we formed One Direction I remained a tag along. Louis would have dates with Eleanor, Zayn with Perrie. Liam was with Danielle and then Sophia. Harry had numerous "girlfriends". I was, however, alone. I didn't see the point in trying. Management loved the fact that I was single. They used it to their advantage. Sweet loveable Niall Horan, desperately searching to find his princess.   The truth is, I don't want a princess, they're too high maintenance. All they do is bitch and whine, trying to recieve every bit of attention they possibly could. No I want just a normal girl. She doesn't have to be beautiful or perfect, but she has to be herself.


Perhaps I hoped the right girl would show up one day, I don't know maybe standon my toes or bump into me. Something cliche like that. Then she'd drop her phone or a book or something and I would somehow give her my number. Then we would talk and eventually meet up. One thing would lead to another and eventually she would end up as my girlfriend.


But stuff like that doesn't happen in real life. If that happened I would probably be arrested for harassment or something like that. Knowing my luck I would find a sweet enough girl then she would use me and get me in the media.


This wasnt how i met my perfect girl though. Our story was much different, much much different.I didn't know it then, but she had been there the whole time





"Niall come here please" My mom called from the kitchen. I dropped my plastic play things and exited the tree house that stood at the bottom of our garden.

"Yes mom?" I asked sweetly as I entered the house. A small girl stood there. Her brown hair pulled tight in bunches and a light blue dress waving around in the wind.

"Niall do you remember a few weeks ago when some new people moved into Mrs Towers house next door?"My mum asked and I nodded

"Yes mom" I replied obediently, not taking my eyes off the girl.

"Well this is the new peoples daughter Maya. Her dad isn't very well at the moment so I said we'd look after her today. How about you show her your tree house and I'll get you two some lunch sorted" 

"Okay mom. Come on Maya, I'll show you how cool my tree house is" I said happily and grabbed the girl by the hand. She followed me into the garden and over to the bottom of the tree. I climbed up and waited for her to join me, she didn't though

"What's up?" I asked looking down at her

"I'm scared" She replied. I smiled at her and climbed down before standing behind here.

"Look its easy. Just grab that and climb up. I'm right here if you fall. I'm a big boy now you know"I insisted

"But it looks scary"

"I promise I won't let you get hurt" I said. She turned round and looked at me

"Pinky promise?" She asked holding her small hands out

"Pinky promise" I replied linking my pinky with hers.




"So what's your name?" I asked the girl even though I already knew her name was Maya. I had finally persuaded her to join me in the treehouse. 

"I'm Maya Taylor, what's your name?" She replied

"Niall Horan. What's wrong with your daddy?" I asked

"Mummy said he's not very well. That he has something called cancer. I don't know what it is, but he's coughing all the time. No matter how much cough medicine mummy gives him. He's also sick alot. It makes our toilet smell really funny" she replied. 

"Ewww that's icky" I replied holding my nose and she giggled

"You're funny. I like you Niall" She said with a slight smile

"I like you to Maya. Can we be friends?" I asked and she nodded

"We can be best friends" 

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