DISTURBED: The Life of Being Mental

16 year old Honor Degroot is crazed, mental, and disturbed. She lives in an insane asylum, has been there her whole life and she will never leave. Her mother gave birth to her in the insane asylum with her father. Soon after they both escaped leaving their only daughter behind. They both had a deadly mental illness and just assumed honor had it as well. She never had a chance to be normal. She always was alone in the asylum because no one really understood her problem. She was not disturbed. No one knew the real her except for him. He knew her for who she really was. Harry styles was disturbed, and he was taking over her life one step at a time... I never had a chance in this world, but Harry had one and blew it. I wish I had had his chance and I wish he never come into my life. I didn't think it could get any worse. Then I met... Him... He stole my friends, he broke my heart, and he hung me out to dry. Now it's payback time. You better watch your back Styles, you should never mess with someone DISTURBED... (One Direction not famous) ©2014


9. It's Been Awhile

The next day...


I walk to breakfast with Harry pulling me close. We pass the same group of boys that I passed yesterday, only, this time, Niall stop and smiled. 

The other boys stoped behind him and they smiled as well. 

"Well, well, well, lookyou finally joined us," Niall says to Harry, "We're a gang once again."

Harry shook his head at the boys in front of him, "I told you yesterday, I gave up that life, I'm in love." He turns to me and places a soft kiss on my lips. 

A boy I believe to be  known as Liam shook his head, "She's not worth it Harry." 

As far as I know Liams parents checked him in when he was 12. 

Harry sighed, "Yes, she is Liam, she is my love at first sight."

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