She could be the one


2. chapter 2 -shark stomach-

Mr.wolono finally finished calling out the groups "ok get in to your groups and get some gloves then start dissecting" Sadie walked over slowly. "Hey I'm William" she looked up nervously.

"Uh hi I'm s-sadie" she seemed kinda scared or maybe just shy ? "I'm guessing your a little shy?" She smiled "a yea...sorry bout that" "it's cool" I smiled back

We both walked over to the glove station and grabbed some gloves. "Do you want me to make the first cut?" Sadie asked. She defiantly isn't one of those girly girls. "If you want to". We both took turns writing stuff down and dissecting the sharks stomach. We also both complained and laughed about the smell.

"Okay class please clean up your stations and there better be no blood on the counter when your done cleaning up!" Me and Sadie cleaned up station. "It was nice working with you" she said smiling "same to you,we should hang out some time" she looked surprised but happy "u-uh sure" "hey remember were friends now you don't have to be shy" I smiled and walked away

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