Mystery girl finds her man

When mystery girl izzy finds her weakness when one direction perform in her dreams she starts to go crazy. Things happen. People go missing . But nobody knows who's behind it ...


2. Dads Decision

school was dragging on. Lunch had only just started but u felt like for ever , I really wanted to go home and find out if I am getting those tickets. Depending on my fathers mood it will be a yes or a on me and Lucy were walking towards the lockers when Ellie and mandi walked over to us " what are you to losers looking at, ow and did you here that me and Ellie are going to be going to that one direction concert "

" and we have backstage passes " Ellie chipped in

" yea I bet your jealous , ow and wishing you were us don't you " mandi giggled

" actually we don't care what two stuck up snobs do in there free time you only get to places because your dad forces them into it you snobs " I said to them but they just walked of cackling like evil witches they were.

Slamming my locker shut I was that mad

" don't worry izzy , don't let them get to you like that there not worth it " Lucy said to me

When I got home dad was waiting in the living room with a massive smile on his face. " what's up with you dad "

We'll I just got you VIP tickets and backstage tickets to the one direction concert for you and Lucy "

"Omg dad your the best "

" Lucy I have amazing news "

" what what is it "

" my dad got you and me VIP tickets and also backstage tickets "

" omg izzy that's amazing "

" we get to meet them personally and talk to the. How amazing is that "

" I bet mandi will be jealous she only has backstage and normal tickets "

" actually she lost her backstage tickets my dad bid higher than her dad so she has only got normal tickets "

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